Exclusive Interview: AWKWARD’s Beau Mirchoff Talks About Secret Relationships, Being on Cable and Who’s The Best Kisser


The new series AWKWARD promises to bring some welcome dark teen comedy and angst for the MTV crowd. If you want to find out about what you can expect, you are in luck as Daemon’s TV had the opportunity to chat with series star Beau Mirchoff (on the right photo above) who plays school hunk Matty McKibben who has a very complicated relationship with our heroine 15-year-old Jenna Hamilton.

Check out our chat with Beau below as he had quite a few interesting things to say about Awkward and Jenna. And don’t forget to tune in for the premiere episode of Awkward which airs tomorrow Tuesday, July 19 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

I saw the promos for ‘Awkward’. It looks funny, like a dark comedy. How would you describe the show?

Beau Mirchoff: I would tell them that it’s kind of like ‘Juno’ meets ‘My So Called Life’. It’s kind of got a tone of an indie movie. It deals with real issues, but just in a funny way. So, if you’re laughing I think we’re doing a good job.

What can you tell us about your character?

Beau Mirchoff: Matty is a popular guy. He’s got a lot of friends. He’s really concerned with the social aspects of high school. He plays sports and there’s a lot going on in Matty’s life with school and sports and friends. He’s never had a relationship, and so that’s all knew to me, dealing with girls and their problems along with my problems, and yeah, just figuring everything out.

I talked to Ashley Rickards a few days back, and your characters are in a secret relationship?

Beau Mirchoff: Yeah. We meet at summer camp, or we don’t meet there, but our love gets kindled at summer camp when we’re away from all our friends and I get the chance to meet her. This is in the pilot. I realize that I really like this girl and then once we get back to reality, out of summer camp, it’s not as easy as I thought it’d be with my friends. She’s not in the same circle of friends, and it’s kind of an awkward situation.

How do you think that relationship will evolve throughout the episodes?

Beau Mirchoff: It definitely evolves. Every episode you’ll learn a little bit more about Matty and Jenna. You’ll see the rise and fall of our relationship. You see Matty really struggle, finding the right way to go about things in a relationship, and like I said before, Matty has never had a girlfriend before. I don’t know if you remember back in high school, but it’s kind of a confusing time.

When you heard about the role was there something you found about Matty’s especially appealing as a character?

Beau Mirchoff: He’s truly goofy, eccentric and outgoing. I found that appealing. It gives you a lot of freedom sometimes, being the goofy guy. That’s one part that I really enjoyed, being creative and collaborating with people and having it be okay. That whole aspect of the job was a lot of fun.

You’ve done network shows, like ‘Desperate Housewives’, but this is on cable. What’s the difference between working on network shows compared to cable?

Beau Mirchoff: Probably not a whole lot of difference. I was a secondary character on ‘Desperate Housewives’, and maybe the budget is a little different. So, they have the capability to do more if they want. But I never once felt hindered by being on cable, never. That never crossed my mind. I thought that we had all the means to fulfill everything we wanted to do. Nothing wrong to say about being on cable. It was a lot of fun.

Now that you’re going to be on MTV with a younger and more female oriented audience are you personally ready for what could be a pretty big onslaught of attention?

Beau Mirchoff: I don’t know. I haven’t really given it much thought. If I do have an onslaught of attention I think that’d be pretty cool. I really don’t know. I just don’t see it happening, but if it does I think it’d be a very cool experience because hopefully they like the work we’re putting out. I’ll take it all in stride, and I think it’d be a cool experience.

So, Matty is hooking up with Jenna. Is there going to be another character that he has a relationship with during the season?

Beau Mirchoff: Yeah. Later in the season I can say that there’s one girl who may also be on my radar. She looks an awful lot like Jenna.

I’m going to play a guessing game with you, guessing Ashley’s answers to the following questions. I asked her if she had a fictional gun to her head who she’d prefer, Jake or Matty. What do you think she answered, knowing her?

Beau Mirchoff: I think she definitely said Matty. I think Jake would be the smart choice to bring home to ma. I think she likes a little more adventure. I’d go with Matty.

It was a trick question. She said pass. I begged and she wouldn’t say it.

Beau Mirchoff: That’s ridiculous. [laughs]


Second question, she said that one of you is a better kisser. Who do you think she was referring to?

Beau Mirchoff: [laughs] I’ll give this one to Jake just because he needs it.

I’m sorry to say I tricked you again. While she did say one of you was a better kisser that she’d take it to her grave.

Beau Mirchoff: You’re just setting me up here. It’s all good.

If you could guest star on any TV show you wanted which one would it be?

Beau Mirchoff: If they remade ‘The Sopranos’ I’d go on that.

Anything current? Nothing wrong with ‘The Sopranos’ except the finale which we won’t discuss –

Beau Mirchoff: Yeah, we could talk a long time about that. ‘Weeds‘ is a really good show. I like that show.