FALLING SKIES “Sanctuary, Part 1” Advance Review

FALLING SKIES “Sanctuary, Part 1” Season 1, Episode 6 – I got an early look at this week’s episode of Falling Skies which is the first episode of a two part set called “Sanctuary.” Now that Ben and a number of other harnessed children have been reunited with humanity, there’s a new dynamic among the civilians in the camp. Trust is absolutely necessary in their situation, but of course, trust is fragile. No matter how united the resistance seems on the surface, small cracks quickly become gaping rifts and result in even more complicated challenges for our protagonists.

The Falling Skies world expands again in this episode as members of the 7th Massachusetts bring information about a potential threat that would put the 2nd Massachusetts in the direct line of a Skitter attack. Terry Clayton, the representative of the 7th Mass, explains that their priority is to lead the children and teenagers to a safety before the threat becomes a reality. Obviously, this idea is met with resistance among the civilians who have little desire to be separated from their children under any circumstance.

While the human conflicts play a large role in this episode, the Skitters also continue to develop. The scenes with Skitters here are some of the most frightening I’ve seen on Falling Skies yet. Certain scenes played out like a horror flick, so if you get scared easily, you might want to watch this episode with the lights on. That suspense is carried throughout the episode and in every scene there’s a lingering apprehension that doesn’t dissipate even in the very last moments.

Unfortunately there were a couple of scenes that flopped in this episode (mostly due to weak acting, awkward writing or sappy sentimentality) but those scenes are brief and quickly forgotten. The pacing is really nice and the episode ends on an intense cliffhanger that hints at the direction that Falling Skies may take in the coming episodes as they lead us deeper into the more intricate aspects of the alien occupation.