BREAKING BAD Season 4 Advance Review

BREAKING BAD Season 4 Premiere Box Cutter (7)
After a year of waiting, BREAKING BAD returns tonight, July 17th, for its fourth season. Last season ended with a bang, literally, and this season 4 premiere begins pretty much where we left off. Jesse is still at Gale’s place with the gun in his hand and runs away.

Now I’m going to warn you, compared to what we are used to, the season 4 premiere has a slow build, which I think only makes the anticipation of what is coming even greater. I can only let you imagine Gus’ reaction to Gale’s death… actually I don’t think you can imagine, I for sure wasn’t prepared for it. If you didn’t think Gus was a badass, trust me you will believe it by the end of the first episode.

There is a reason why Breaking Bad is as popular and praised as it is. It is without a doubt one on the best shows on television and you would do yourself a favor if you tuned in to watch it. Watching Breaking Bad is adopting it!

But back to season 4, I have already seen the first three episodes and while I don’t want to spoil anything that’s coming, I do want to give you some highlights of what you can expect (or should be looking forward to).


Should I even mention how brilliant Bryan Cranston is? I think that after three season, we can just take it as granted that his performance is once again outstanding.

So let’s talk about Walt. He is dealing with a lot this season (then again, when isn’t he dealing with a lot?). In light of Gale’s death and what happened last season, he has to figure out what his next step will be, but it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially when you have a boss like Gus.

As for his family life, well now that Skyler knows all about his “business” it gives the story a whole new dimension. I have to say, Skyler is becoming quite the business woman.


If you thought this season would be kind on Jesse, I’m sorry to say things are not looking to bright for him. Let’s just say that he hasn’t gotten over what happened and is trying to find a way to cope, which includes some unique parties.

Hank and Marie

Hank is still going through physical therapy after the injuries he incurred following the shooting last season. Unfortunately, things are not too happy between him and Marie, although she is doing everything she can to make him happy and take care of him.

Hank has develop a new interesting hobby and Marie soon finds one of her own, but that doesn’t end too well for her.

There is a scene in episode three with Marie that will definitely break you heart.

Other Highlights

– A character we know will get killed.

Supernatural‘s Jim Beaver (aka Bobby) makes an appearance in episode 2. It’s a pretty cool scene.

– “Walt, you’re never going to see him again.” Mike to Walt in episode 2 (I’ll let you find out whom he’s referring to).

– Some lab notes fall in unwanted hands.

– There is a cool roomba-shot in episode 2.

While season 4 is developing slowly, you still find yourself looking forward to the next episode wondering what will happen to Walt and Jesse this time around. That’s the beauty of Breaking Bad, it has compelling storylines, three dimensional characters, fantastic performances and it always manages to surprise you.

I don’t think there is much else to say except make sure you tune in for the season 4 premiere tonight, July 17th at 10pm on AMC.