SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE “2 Out of 12 Voted Off” Review

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE “2 Out of 12 Voted Off” Season 8 Episode 15 – Last night was another elimination round on So You Think You Can Dance. Let’s talk about it.

Group Performance

Group performance – Top 12
Song: “El Fuego” by Sean Peter featuring Oscar Jimenez
Thoughts: Another great group number

Before getting to the results, we were treated to two performances one from Jason Samuels Smith performance and the other one by Nicole Scherzinger.

But now let’s get to business…

Bottom Three Couples: Caitlynn & Mitchell, Ryan & Ricky, Sasha & Alexander

Solos – Well for me the top two best solos are Sasha and Alexander these two are amazing! I mean did you see Alexander’s solo, now that is dancing for your life. Wow! I also enjoyed Ricky’s solo, but the others were just ok for me.

The two dancers going home this week are: Ryan and Alexander

What?!! Alexander who I thought had the best solo! I guess I must have not been seeing the same thing the judges did.

Next week the dancers will pull out a new partner from a hat, as well as be paired up with an all-star.

The All-star dancers are: Melody (Season 1), Allison (Season 2), Pasha (Season 3), Twitch (Season 4), Comfort (Season 4), Chelsie (Season 4), Brandon (Season 5), Kathryn (Season 6), Robert (Season 7)

Alex Wong – Remember how I mentioned he would be back this season and probably as an all-star. Well, unfortunately it seems that he just injured himself again (talk about bad luck!) and won’t be able to perform once again.

Thoughts? What did you think of the elimination? Do you think the right dancers were sent home?

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You can find more photos from the elimination below.

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