ROOKIE BLUE “Hearts And Sparks” Review

ROOKIE BLUE Heart & Sparks

ROOKIE BLUE “Hearts and Sparks” Season 2 Episode 4 – The rookies and their superiors are sent to investigate and, in McNally’s case, stand guard over a building which became the fourth in a string of arson attacks plaguing this anonymous Canadian city. In the course of their investigation McNally is stranded in the collapsible building when chasing a woman who fears her husband died in the fire, Gail learns something terrible about Chris’ past, Traci gets to flex her interrogation skills with Barber and, in the meantime, Epstein has to contend with a guy with weird pants.

It was a pretty fun episode, if a step down from last week’s revealing and tense drama. Kudos to the writers for avoiding the clichés of spending an episode on will-he, won’t-he make it: instead when we come back to see how Callaghan has fared (as in, you know, has he died yet?) he’s in the hall getting mollycoddled by McNally.

Even though this storyline was extremely minor, essentially bookending the episode, it was, for me, the most successful attempt to create believable conflict. Probably because Callaghan and his old flame Rasati have genuine chemistry: her no-nonsense attitude and his old-timey manners are surprisingly suited to one another. Both the actors and the writers have done a fine job in barely any time at all showcasing this. I particularly loved her balloon popping hospital nursing methods, which made her out to be fun, and not the villainous ‘other’ seen in so many other tellings of the triangle love affair.

This was not the only part I liked, but it was the only part of what worked really well: everything else about the episode, from McNally trapped in a caving building to Gail and Chris randomly coming across an old boyfriend of Chris’ mother, felt a little forced. That being said, I loved the fun that Traci and Barber had in the interrogation room with the suspect of the arson attacks, though because virtually zero time was given to her home life, it’s hard to get worked up about her baby daddy drama.

Gail’s story was obviously convoluted. But it almost worked. Finding out that Chris’ mother was abusive was a really effective moment. Alas, it was ruined by her narcissistic reaction: “is he dating me because I’m crazy like his mom?” Oh boo hoo. Firstly, Gail is not crazy. Narcissistic and haughty, yes, but crazy? I wish. Her character is one with a lot of potential, and I wish that if she was supposed to be the unhinged member of the team she would, y’know, actually be unhinged, instead of needy, which is unfortunately often the case.

All in all, despite the various obvious problems with the story, it was still an entertaining episode of Rookie Blue. This show isn’t out to change your life or you perspective on things. It’s just out to entertain, and in doing so it is very effective at what it does.

Some good lines:

Andy: “I don’t like space. It doesn’t involve me doing anything.”

Swarek (so wonderfully sardonic) “Alright, time and space two things that don’t work for you.”

Traci: “You are so busted.” Boo ya!

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