LOVE BITES “Boys To Men” Review

Love Bites

LOVE BITES “Boys To Men” Season 1, Episode 7 – The running theme of this week’s episode of Love Bites was more obvious than the theme of previous episodes. We were introduced to three male protagonists in varying stages of young adult relationships, starting out with the immature romantic and leading up to a man becoming a father.

The first segment of Love Bites, “Ben and Marissa,” seemed the most like a sitcom of the three stories tonight. The recently dumped Ben was invited by Judd and Colleen to house sit for them while they went on a weekend trip to New York.

Although Ben’s Mrs. Robinson situation with Colleen’s friend, Marissa, wasn’t a new scenario, I liked the unusual way the two of them met. Marissa charged into the house, made herself at home and went about prescribing a mutually satisfactory distraction for both their problems. Ben was clingy and bordering on insane, but his awkwardness was rather funny. The return of Marissa’s husband, Rico, pulled everything together and the final scene played out pretty hilariously.

The start of the second segment, “Steffi and Tommy” was practically a pubic service announcement reminding single adults to take a moment to get to know a little bit about the person you’re having a one night stand with. Otherwise, you might wake up in the morning and realize you’ve slept with a complete idiot. Steffi learns more than she wants to know about Tommy and begins to understand that the person she spent the night with was someone she’d prefer to forget. Of course, things get complicated when she’s told that her father had been hospitalized for a heart attack.

As much as he seems like a moron, Steffi’s situation brings out Tommy’s goodhearted nature. Tommy went from being an annoying jughead to a really reliable, sweet guy and it was nice to see the his character be exposed through this story line.

The final segment, “Dale and Audrey” threw me off in a lot of ways. Staying at the office later than the janitor to work on a mix tape for the receptionist wasn’t the best way to convince me of Dale’s love and dedication to his (I assumed) pregnant wife. If it wasn’t for the wedding ring on his finger and a quick mention of his wife during his baby shower I wouldn’t have believed Dale was married at all, much less expecting a baby. For a while, I thought the plot twist of this segment was going to be that Dale had been lying about everything – a complex scheme he had thought up to get gifts or something. To add to my confusion, I didn’t understand the point of Dale’s black and white mod fantasies. The costumes were cool and the music was nice, but it just felt out of place and they went on for longer than I cared to see.

I eventually figured out that Dale had to be Annie’s brother-in-law and when I realized this meant that Annie was having the baby, I was disappointed that she got barely any attention. Annie was the character we originally were invested at the start of the season and her surrogacy was obviously a huge part of her character.

We didn’t get to see anything about how she handled the labor or birth and we only briefly got a moment of her expressing her difficulty letting go of the baby she carried for 9 months. I’m hoping that one of the remaining Love Bites episodes will come back to this same time frame so we can see the whole process from Annie’s point of view and I can finally get some real closure on her character’s story.