HAVEN “A Tale of Two Audreys” Advance Review

Haven Season 2 Premiere (2)

HAVEN “A Tale of Two Audreys” Season 2, Episode 1 – After receiving an advance copy of the Haven season two premiere, I thought it best to start my spoiler-free review with a full and honest disclosure: This was the first episode of Haven I had ever seen.

After watching this episode, my mind was understandably dizzy with a number of exciting questions, but mostly I was left wondering why no one had ever bothered to actually tell me to watch Haven before. I mean, on paper, it’s totally a show I’d get sucked into, so why was this my first time watching it? I have no excuses and no one to blame but myself, but I’m quite disappointed now that I realize what I’ve been missing out on for so long.

If you’re rusty on the details (or if you’re like me, watching Haven for the first time) the episode starts off with a light speed recap of the events that led up to the second season opening. Obviously, the relationships between all the characters were not thoroughly explored in the brief recap, but once the story gets going it is pretty easy to put the pieces together and pick up on the complicated dynamic of the community.

The episode fused Haven‘s overall character arcs with a creepy mystery-of-the-week plot. With all the different plot lines that were linked through Audrey, Nathan and Duke, I was surprised by how well everything seemed to blend together. Each of the stories got sufficient attention, while at the same time never lingering for too long on any single issue. The episode was peppered with plenty of quirky humor, sinister scenarios and frightening phenomena that I’m sure Haven fans have already come to expect and love from the series.

I enjoyed the season two premiere of Haven, and although I obviously wouldn’t suggest it as the perfect introduction to the series, there were so many intriguing facets of this episode that I’m now determined to marathon the first season and catch up. As luck would have it, Syfy is running the season one episodes all day on Friday, so that should definitely help.

If you were a fan of the monster-of-the-week episodes of The X-Files, classic Twilight Zone repeats, or if you have simply been on the fence about watching Haven, I suggest you tune in and give this series a shot. If you’re a die hard Haven fan, you’ll no doubt love the puzzling developments in this episode, so just be sure to do your friends a favor and get them hooked too.