CHILDRENS HOSPITAL “Father’s Day” Review

Childrens Hospital

CHILDRENS HOSPITAL “Father’s Day” Season 3, Episode 7 – The recap that opened this week’s episode of Childrens Hospital seemed vaguely familiar. The tone and pacing of the intro reminded me of the introductions for Soap and Glee but I don’t think it was a spot on parody of either of those intros.

The Childrens Hospital intro ended with “All this and more on this week’s Childrens Hospital” and not the “Confused? You won’t be after this week’s episode of Soap,” or the “And that’s what you missed, on Glee!” so I’m still not 100% sure if that’s what they were even imitating. I thought it leaned a little more towards the Soap intro but maybe it was just supposed to be an allusion to both shows. I suppose it doesn’t matter what they were trying to do, because it ended up being comical anyway.

With Chief determined to prevent an adult heart transplant from happening on her watch at Childrens Hospital, the rest of the team had to come together to make sure that the transplant happened before the birthday deadline. There were a couple of funny bits in this plot line, but my favorite was Owen suddenly jumping into the operating room and drugging the Chief while shouting, “chloroform!” as if everyone needed to know exactly what was on that handkerchief.

I loved the running gag with Brian and Lola being complete idiots and attempting to hunt down Cat’s father. Every time they suggested that Cat’s father was the same guy – aka Brian’s dad – it just seemed to get funnier. They saved the best for last when Lola called in Sy to meet his “daughter.” Sy looks up from the booth and says “Brian’s father…is my daughter?” pauses for a beat and then continues, “Samantha!” To add to the ridiculousness, Brian’s father actually responds to being called Samantha and calls Sy “dad.” It was all just so wonderfully weird and Lola’s self satisfied look in the background made the whole scene perfect.

Cat did eventually reunite with her father in prison so I guess you could say her story had a happy ending. Sort of. She hacked up bags of heroin for him like a cat would hack up hairballs. If that wasn’t a happy ending, at least it was a really funny ending, and it was perfectly in tune with this episode of Childrens Hospital.