SUPERNATURAL Thursdays – 5 Characters I’d Like To See Again


SUPERNATURAL has given us some great characters throughout the years, and unfortunately, some of them have left and we’ve never heard about them again. While I obviously love the main characters that we see week after week, there are some people that I would really, REALLY like to see again!

To make the loss of these characters easier, I figured I’d immortalize them in the Supernatural Thursdays column. So take a peek, and let me know what characters YOU would like to see return!

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead if you are not finished with all six seasons of Supernatural. You have been warned.



Okay, while one can argue that Ash did return in Dark Side of the Moon, his appearance was NOT long enough for me. I loved Ash from the beginning, when we first met him in Everyone Loves a Clown. A genius sporting a mullet and sleeping on the Roadhouse pool table, Ash was a welcome comic relief to the heaviness that started season 2.

He attended MIT, was a genius with computers, and could track the yellow eyed demon well enough to let Sam and Dean know where Azazel would be making his next appearance. Personally, any guy that can do that seems handy to have around.

Unfortunately, Ash died in the fire that took the Roadhouse, and fans were heartbroken. When he returned in season five, it was to once again help Sam and Dean navigate heaven and escape Zachariah.

I would LOVE to see Ash return and help the boys out again, and who knows? Maybe even do a little ass kicking himself.



ARE YOU OR AREN’T YOU GOD?! Now that THAT question is out of the way, I’m probably really biased as far as Chuck is concerned. Next to Sam, Chuck is my favorite character (ever) on Supernatural, and I would adore it if the writers would bring him back. Even for like… ONE episode. Just one. That’s all I’m asking.

Also known as Carver Edlund, the writer of the Supernatural novels, which tell the story of Sam and Dean up through the end of season 3, Chuck is actually a prophet. Yep. He hears things straight from heaven and writes them down, and according to Castiel, the stories will someday be known as the Winchester Gospel. Let THAT one sink in for a few seconds.

Chuck is not exactly what you’d think of when you picture a prophet. He drinks (a lot), he’s awkward, and straight from his mouth he’s “not that good a writer”. Regardless, I love Chuck. During Swan Song, he writes the end of Sam and Dean’s story (or what should have been, but I digress. I will at some point write about why Swan Song was a PERFECT ending to the series… that is when I feel like being slammed by every fan out there), and after typing “The End”.. he suddenly vanishes.

I want Chuck back because I need to know a few things. Well, actually just one very, VERY important thing. Chuck – ARE YOU GOD?! Because I feel that you are, but I would like confirmation.



This little guy could kill you with his brain. Literally.

Jesse is the antichrist. Now, for most of us, this meant that he was the son of Lucifer, but not true. Cas explains that Jesse is just the son of a demon and a human, which is what makes him the antichrist. Regardless WHAT makes him the antichrist, Jesse is one powerful little dude. And one that didn’t get a proper wrap up to his story line.

We met Jesse in I Believe The Children Are Our Future, and we learned that Jesse has certain powers that pose a large problem for Sam and Dean. Jesse can make things manifest just by thinking of them (scary ass tooth fairy, anyone??), can turn people into action figures, and can make joy buzzers electrocute people for real.

Cas wants to kill Jesse to save the world, but Sam ends up talking to the kid and letting him know that he has a choice… he can choose to be evil, or choose to be good. Truthfully, Sam was over identifying with Jesse, but his pep talk worked, and Jesse decides to use his powers for good.

However, Jesse just disappeared and was never spoken about again. This would be a PERFECT plot point to bring back Jesse… maybe he decided to go dark side, or MAYBE he’d be an ally for the boys… who knows? But Jesse needs a proper farewell.



We met Sarah Blake in Provenance in the first season. Sarah was an art gallery owner that happened to have possession of a haunted painting. She and Sam seemed to connect, but because of the life that Sam led, he and Sarah just didn’t work.

However, Sarah did help with the case and held her own REALLY well. This is a long shot, but I would LOVE to see Sarah come back and be more involved in hunting.

I’m not saying that she decided to abandon her art gallery and become a full out hunter, but now that she knows the ghosts, demons and things exist, I would really like to see her fighting evil. And… stranger things have happened on Supernatural! Bring back Sarah!



Missouri is a psychic that John worked with when Sam and Dean were kids. She appears in season one, episode Home. She is keeping John hidden from his sons, but she ends up helping the boys ride their old childhood home of a poltergeist.

Missouri was the one to realize that Sam had powers, and just exactly how powerful he really was. When looking for a psychic to find out what yanked Dean out of hell, my first thought was Missouri, and I was disappointed when they didn’t bring her back.

Don’t misunderstand, I love Pamela, but Missouri was AWESOME. I would love to see her back again, as another friend and ally to Sam and Dean. Lord knows they could use them!


While there is a list a mile long of other characters that I would like to see return, these five are on the top of my list. What do you think? Disagree on any of my choices? Who would you add?

Let me know in the comments below!

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