SUITS “Dirty Little Secrets” Review

SUITS (USA) "Dirty Little Secrets" Episode 4

SUITS “Dirty Little Secrets” Episode 4 – I hate to sound like a broken record but this show has proved to me one again that it’s gonna continue to keep getting better and better. I’m still getting a kick out of watching Harvey and Mike’s partnership and bromance grow, but was also very glad to see a bit more from Jessica in this one. Jessica’s ex-husband hires the firm to represent him in a case and when she assigns it to Harvey, there was some definite tension between the two – especially after Harvey discovers some secrets about the man. What really threw me for a loop in this storyline was the fact that Quinton turned out to have ALS himself. It was a nice little twist that also brought everything to an emotional level that I didn’t expect.

Meanwhile Mike is still stumbling between being the genius that he is while also having trouble navigating through this new world. When he wins his own pro bono case from Louis in a game of Harvard Trivia, Mike has a few rough moments with it. Starting with the fact that he very nearly loses the trivia game and was convinced that Louis knows his dirty little secret. After that the case should be a piece of cake but isn’t, so Harvey comes along and keeps doing what does so well when it comes to his new apprentice – he nudges Mike in the right direction but only gives him just enough info for him to figure out what he needs to do on his own. Harvey’s “sink or swim” routine seems to be working and once again, Mike slam dunks another case.

Unfortunately the one thing Mike can’t seem to get right is his romantic life. First he has Jenny trying to kiss him last week and he says no because he feels weird about her being with his ex-best friend. Now he finally gets up the nerve to ask out Rachel and she says no. Ouch.

My favorite bits..

Mike kicking butt at the Harvard Law trivia game. Well, except for that whole square pizza thing.

“Louis knows.” “Louis knows what?” “My dirty little secret.” “You’re Canadian?” – LOL! Nice inside joke there.

Harvey telling Mike he couldn’t help him hack into Harvard because he was breaking into Fort Knox to return some stolen doubloons. Oh Harvey, you slay me!

Hm.interesting look that Harvey had when he spotted Jessica with Quinton.

Going steady? Really Harvey? How old are we again?

The look on Harvey’s face when he found out that Quinton also happened to be Jessica’s ex-husband.

Harvey’s complete and utter confusion when Jessica suggested that there were some people in the world who didn’t like him.

Mike giving the lady Harvey’s name. Haha, smart.

Harvey mumbling that it was Jessica’s heels that made her taller than him. LOL.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. A vest? Really?” “Says the guy in the bike helmet.”

Haha! Am I the only one who saw Mike flipping the guy off after he called him a “child”? It was subtle but he so did it.

Mike’s little squeak when Jessica threw the folders into his lap. Ouch.

Mike telling Rachel that “mom and dad” were fighting. LOL.

“He’s recycling plaintiffs. It’s very green of you.”

Mike and Rachel playing “house.” – Too cute! Jessica lied to Harvey when she said she knew that Quinton started seeing Lisa while they were still married. Again, interesting.

Wow, Quinton has ALS? I so didn’t see that coming.

The myriad of emotions that went across Harvey’s face when Jessica was questioning Lisa. That man can say so much with just his eyes. Amazing.

Harvey leaving the message for Mike.while looking at him through the conference room window.

“You did this overnight?” “Yeah I couldn’t sleep anyway. Kept thinking I felt bedbugs.”

“It’d break your heart…if you had a heart.”

Harvey showing that video of Quinton to all those people who had suffered side-effects from the ALS drug.

Jessica admitting that she hit Quinton’s Jag when she was mad. Ooh, don’t mess with her.

Mike bringing in a piece of bedbug infested carpet into the creep’s office. Haha!….and, ew.

Poor Mike. He finally decides to ask Rachel out and she says she can’t date anyone from the office? That sucks.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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