LOUIE “Joan” Review

LOUIE (FX) Season 2 (11)

LOUIE “Joan” Season 2 Episode 4 – In this episode Louis gets to hang out with special guest star Joan Rivers and learns quite a bit about the business of comedy. First though, Louis does a really horrible act in front of a really crappy crowd inside a really shitty theater in an average casino. When the manager pulls him aside for violating pretty much every rule on the agreement he made with them, Louis decides to quit and ends up at Joan’s show.

I know this show is about Louis but Joan had me laughing so hard that I was almost sorry when her bit ended. I don’t honestly know if I could sit through an entire hour of her stuff but those few minutes sure had me laughing. My favorite parts of this series continue to be when Louis is on stage, or in this case when Joan is on stage.

After her show, Joan invites Louis backstage to chat and tells him why he should be grateful for where he is now, because they all had to do the shitty theater before they could do the nice ones. She also tells him that what they do is a calling, not a job. What happened next was weird, even for this show. Louis has sex with Joan, though thankfully it doesn’t happen on screen.

My favorite bits..

Louis describing how he was always within a 48 hour window of..yuck.

“You wanted to get all fancy and go to the aquarium.”

Louis asking the guy for a synonym for pulp.

“Why are you hearing extra letters? Who wants 60 bananas?”

Louis begging people not to leave his show and go lose their money to Donald Trump. LOL.

“They give you free tickets to this show and I’m not even funny.”

Finding out that Louis had pretty much violated his entire agreement with the casino, all within the space of about five minutes. Nicely done.

Special favorite bits from Joan Rivers.

“I woke one six years ago and said ‘why am I wearing a bunny slipper? And why is it gray?'”

“You see a man over fifty on the toilet, it looks like he’s making a cup of tea.”

And now back to your regularly scheduled favorite bits…

Joan pointing out that Louis should be grateful that he has a job and that she herself was in the shitty lounge not that long ago.

“I thought I had the lock on old and then guess what? Back from the dead, Betty White. Dusted off her old, dumb tits and trotted them out.”

Joan smacking Louis for guessing the number of “jobs” Joan had to give before she got where she was.

Louis trying to jump Joan’s bones after she told him that what they do isn’t a job, it’s a calling.

Louis and Joan…oh no..my eyes! My eyes!

What did you think of this episode of Louie? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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