BURN NOTICE “No Good Deed” Review

BURN NOTICE "No Good Deed" Season 5 Episode 4

BURN NOTICE “No Good Deed” Season 5 Episode 4 – You know, after last week’s episode I admit that I expected this one to go in another direction entirely. We get this little glimpse into the fact that Michael is clearly obsessing over the people who burned him and I figured we were going to see him continue on a downward spiral.

I guess that could still happen but now there’s one very important factor I hadn’t planned on at all. Turns out Michael is right. Here he’s got everyone telling him to move on and let it go: Fi, Sam, Max – all of them. So Michael tells them that he is and for most of the episode it looks like he just might be, I mean he’s doing his official CIA job with Max while simultaneously working on one of Fi’s charity gigs for Barry’s brother. Did I really think he’d let it go? No, probably not, but he was pulling off a really nice act.

That is until someone kills Max and then frames him for it. Wait..WHAT??!!

So yeah, I was dead wrong. I actually thought this was over. Color me embarrassed. What does this mean now? Well it looks like Michael is back on the run and this makes me happy. I was ready to settle down with him into this new life he had going but the moment I saw the Charger again and he put on those sunglasses like that..bring on the old Michael!

My favorite bits..

Michael Westen in a tux. Need I really say more?

Michael calling Gunther “Weasel Face” and doing a great job, as always, of playing the belligerent drunk.

Oops. Well judging by the look on his face I’m gonna go ahead and say that tux was a rental.

Given up on years ago??? Sacrilege! That Charger is a classic and deserves every moment he spends on it.

Now he’s in a black tank? Oh USA, what have I done to deserve all the love in this ep?

“Swallow. Then speak, Barry.”

Okay so maybe wearing a short skirt doesn’t make you an escort, but saying that you are one? Yep, that’ll do it.

“Elsa’s coming in on the GVI tonight and I gotta prepare the vessel.” LOL! We all know he’s not talking about a boat, right?

“Somebody call the zoo, because a friggin’ bear just escaped.”

Sam and Jesse getting spun around like dolls.

Cracking up the moment Michael walked up with Griffin looking as creepy as he did.

Whoa! Madeline’s helping out with a job again? Awesome.

“That’s the first real redhead I’ve seen since I left Ireland.”

The look on Fi’s face when Jesse suggested she put the trash in her purse.

Fi putting up her snow globes in the loft. Aw, cute how she’s getting all comfy.

Fi slapping the boys quiet. Well, that’s one way to do it.

“If Hell ever does freeze over, it’ll be because the devil called us to fix his a/c.”

Oh crap! That bitch drugged Michael? And then put a bag over his head? Dang, she’s not messing around, is she?

Yes! Michael getting the better of Eve and pinning her to the ground with his foot.

Finally figuring out why Eve looked so familiar. She played young Shannon on NCIS! Wow, what a difference. I should’ve known from the red hair though.

“Barry I’m saying nice things, don’t make me shoot you.”

Oh noes! Poor Max.

Yes! There she is! I’ve missed that Charger.

Yeah boiiii! Him putting on those sunglasses said to me that badass Michael is on the job.

What did you think of this episode of Burn Notice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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