STATE OF GEORGIA “Best Friends For-Never” Review

state of georgia

STATE OF GEORGIA “Best Friends For-Never” Season 1, Episode 3 – Maybe it was just me, but it seemed a little early in the season to already have Georgia and Jo face the possibility that they might have outgrown their friendship. After two episodes of State of Georgia, we’re still just getting to know these two characters and we’re not yet at a point where we have a whole lot invested in their friendship.

Georgia’s character was totally over the top in this episode, which was sometimes funny and sometimes kind of grating. It was like watching a female Steve Urkel at Jo’s physics meet up, only instead of being an oafish nerd, she managed to ruin everything by virtue of being a klutzy ditz. Even if the writing wasn’t very strong, Georgia is pretty good with the comedy, so there were a few laughs in there. I particularly liked her wiping the whiteboard and saying “cause, that’s like a… B?” as she tried to repair the calculations on the board. There was a lot more of the silly slapstick humor when Jo invaded Georgia’s improv class, but the gags there didn’t really work for me.

My favorite part of the night was the moment when Aunt Honey was reunited with her estranged former-best-friend, Patrice. Their saccharine sweet diva slam was totally classic and I loved the way they were completely calm and collected as they dished out their ruthless insults. I would have happily watched another fifteen minutes of their smack down.

Overall, a pretty standard episode of State of Georgia. I like Georgia, I like Jo, and I get that they’ve been friends for a long time, but the threat of their friendship crumbling didn’t seem at all like a real threat. I did like that the focus of this episode wasn’t about Georgia’s latest romantic conquest but it would have been nice to have an episode that focused on Georgia and Jo’s relationship in a context where they didn’t think their friendship was falling apart.