ROYAL PAINS “Rash Talk” Review

ROYAL PAINS "Rash Talk" (USA) Season 3 Episode 3

ROYAL PAINS “Rash Talk” Season 3 Episode 3 – In this episode Hank saw patients with medical problems. That’s about all I remember about any of that stuff because what really had my attention in this episode was both Hank and Evan’s relationships.

First up, Hank and Jill are playing the same game they were last year. You know the one. The “we don’t know where this is going so let’s just have fun for now” game. Except now it’s Jill who is instigating it instead of Hank. She’s still dead set on going to Uruguay but I noticed that she was pretty quick to tell an interested lady that Hank had a girlfriend. Maybe that doesn’t mean anything but it sure caught my attention and I think when the time comes she’s probably going to have a hard time getting on that plane. I do find it interesting how the tables have turned. Last “summer” (aka, season one) she was a local who was upset at the very idea of a man coming into her life who wasn’t willing to commit, and yet here she is doing it to Hank. Not that he seems to mind of course, but still.

Meanwhile there’s a nice little mystery building with Paige. I think that a pregnancy is a little too obvious but I am completely stumped as to what could be going on with her. In fact I’m not all convinced that this medically related issue is with her at all. I’m suspicious it might be someone else who is sick, etc. Her snapping at Evan was a bit unexpected and showed me that whatever it is, it does have her stressed. I’m glad they made up in the end though.

My favorite bits..

Finding out that Evan washes his sheets every day. Wow. Now *I* feel like a savage.

Hank spitting in the sink proving that at least one of them was a bit of a savage..well at least in Evan’s eyes.

“I said be nice, not creepy.”

Hank ordering Evan to eat, and like, whatever Divya made them for dinner.

Am I the only one thinks that mail-sorting is kinda fun?

Jill telling the sister that Hank had a girlfriend. Hm, interesting.

Oooh, naughty, naughty. Hank and Jill sneaking off together.

Cracking up when the guy got dumped with the compost.

The guy trying to argue with a tongue depressor in his mouth.

“As a doctor I’d advise a long hot shower. As a human being I’d advise picking up after your dog.” – Hear hear! What the heck was that jerk thinking? Talk about rude.

Hank and Evan’s reactions to Divya’s food…after she left the room of course.

Evan going through the mail faster than any man ever, when Paige offered to start granting him wishes for every stack he finished. LOL.

The little dance that Evan did when he said “Zwick Sticky Sticks!”

Seriously?? Evan hadn’t gone through the mail in four months? That’s awful.

Whoa, Paige sure got serious all of a sudden. Still trying to figure out exactly what is up with her.

Divya figuring out that Jill was in Hank’s apartment.

Finding out that the little pink panties actually belonged to Jill.

“You really think tossing a Yoplait onto Mt Vesuvius is gonna work?”
…..”Gimme the grease.”
“Good boy.”

The look on Hank’s face when he realized that Evan knew all about Jill and her “sleepovers”. Ha! Guess they weren’t keeping the secret as well as they thought, huh?

Seriously wondering if I’ll ever be able to eat a grape again.

“Divya knows.”
“Evan knows.”
“Everyone knows..” – I cracked up when Paige walked by and said that.

Hank and Evan wrestling over the Zwicky Sticks.

Hank and Evan are going to Florida? Anyone else thinking Burn Notice crossover? No? Just me?

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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