RESCUE ME The Final Season Advance Review

RESCUE ME Season 7 Premiere

Whether you think it is time or not, the final season of RESCUE ME premieres tonight at 10 pm (ET) on FX. It has been almost seven years since we were first introduced to Tommy Gavin and the crew at Engine 99. What started out as a messed up firefighter greiving over the death of his best friend and cousin who died in 9-11, pretty much stayed the same. Tommy has never really gotten over his survivor’s guilt and viewers have been watching him stumble through life ever since. Even when Tommy was successful in wrestling some of his demons, such as getting sober, something else would just crop up such as his daughter’s alcoholism. How will it all end? Will Tommy find redemption and peace?

I was able to review in advance the first seven episodes of the seventh and final season of Rescue Me and it is a good season. Although I have seen a good portion of the season, even I do not know how it ends. What I can say is the journey is worth the ride no matter the outcome. While the show’s main focus has always been Tommy and his personal sufferings, I always thought the best parts were those that involved Ladder 62/Engine 99 working as a team, bonding, or just slinging jabs at each other. There is plenty of that this season and some of the most humorous moments involved the crew.

Do you want some teasers?

Tommy gets involved in a love triangle with two women that you would least expect. It also seems to hold less benefit for Tommy.

There is a life and death moment for one of the crew of Engine 99 that had me stressed out.

Engine 99 bond together to help one of their own out despite the fact that they all do not necessarily like that particular person and that it could cost them their careers if they are discovered.

Tommy and the crew are rocked with a scandal on the anniversary of 9-11 that threatens to bring them all down. Sheila comes to the rescue in one of her finer performances.

There are two of the most awkward marriage proposals ever. The first one made me wince. The second one made me cringe.

Kelly returns for part of the season with some devastating news.

Someone close to Tommy finally calls him out on the ten years of grieving and griping post 9-11 causing Tommy to do something completely out of character.

Sean starts dating his dream girl only to find out she has one major flaw that is potentially deadly to their relationship.

Someone calls Tommy Fonzie. With his leather jacket, it was bound to happen.

I cannot stress enough how good I think this season is. Even though it still deals with some heavy hitting personal issues, it seems a bit lighter and people including Tommy seem to be finding their way and their place. There are many laugh out loud moments and many moments when the viewer can be proud of Tommy no matter his many flaws. If you have been a fan of Rescue Me, you will not want to miss this final season. Even if you are only a sometimes viewer, you really should tune in for this last season.

Tune in tonight at 10 pm (ET) on FX for the first episode of the final season of Rescue Me and then come back here and tell me what you thought. I would also love to know how you want this series to end.

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