MELISSA & JOEY “Lost In Translation” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "Lost in Translation"

MELISSA & JOEY “Lost in Translation” Season 1 Episode 15 – This week we find Melissa the center of male attention and Joe not liking it too much. On the child front, Lennox has a rival ex-best friend that she has been forced to work with on a school project. Ryder is ineffectively used as prop in that storyline.

I always forget that Joe was an international business man, so of course I was surprised that he spoke Japanese so well. What was not surprising is that he did not want to sit and translate flirting back in forth between Melissa and Toshi. Even if he did not have feelings for Melissa, which he obviously does, it would still be awkward to basically be translating a couple’s first date, intended or not. However, to say she has diarrhea as a way to make the night end early is a bit cruel. With Melissa’s miming, it was fitting, but can you imagine receiving those roses with the note the next day? How embarassing.

Even though it was unlikely that Melissa was going to start dating someone from Japan, I was disappointed that they ended it based on Toshi expecting a threesome with a hooker. That seemed a bit extreme. Couldn’t they have just had a mild flirtation and a good dinner with him flying back home?

On the lighter side of the show, my favorite moments included:

Toshi miming “whew” while wiping his forehead when he realized Melissa did not need to use his bathroom.

Melissa asking Joe to teach her how to say “I may be a girl, but I can drink you under the table sucka!” in Japanese.

Whenever Joe looks like he wants to laugh at Melissa but surpresses it like when she did her Yogi Bear speaking Japanese impression.

Melissa’s Yogi Bear speaking Japanese impression.

Ryder remarking that Lennox’s ex best friend and crush even stand on the right bases when making out on the baseball field.

“We will always have second base.”

The card on the roses that ended with “Your eyes are beautiful even when you have diarrhea.”

What did you think of this week’s episode of Melissa & Joey? When will Ryder get his own storyline? What do you think of Joe’s hair? It seemed to grow overnight from last episode to this one. One final question – last week someone from ABC Family commented and asked if fans want to see Melissa and Joey hook up. What do you say fans? Tell us below.

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