GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL Season 3 Premiere Advance Review


Premiering tonight at 9 pm (ET) on Syfy is Season 3 of GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL. The world traveling paranormal investigation crew is back and I was able to score the first two episodes to review.

What sets Ghost Hunters International apart from other shows, even Ghost Hunters itself, is the trips to exotic and little known locales to investigate reported sightings or hauntings. In the first two episodes the crew is sent to Trinidad twice and also Argentina. Although I had heard of both places, they are not that familiar to me. Making it even more interesting were the actual locations, a plantation that was owned by a former slaveowner, a slaughterhouse where more than just animals died, and a leper colony. I would have tuned in just for the locations alone!

Season 3 of Ghost Hunters International employs the same methodology as former seasons. The crew travels to the locale, learns a bit about the history of the place and the specifics of the sightings or hauntings and then goes to work. Although I love watching the crew for the Blair Witch sense one gets from following them around with cameras in the dark, I am usually disappointed that I cannot see what they saw or hear what they hear. It actually surprised me, then, that in the second episode I actually heard what one of the members heard as it was being said. Usually, I have to wait for the analysis at the end.

I believe the writers of the show have listened to some of the fan criticism over the last couple of years. The crew no longer speak exclusively English when asking the spirits to show themselves. They seem to do a little bit more debunking of some of the claims that people make. However, the show still has some flaws in my opinion. Specifically, the investigation seems to always abruptly end. That probably has more to do with editing than anything else, but it can be quite irritating. The other flaw is that the analysis seems like more of a guessing game than anything as to the things they cannot debunk. It feels like they look at the people, say “Never seen anything like it. Gotta go.” and leave. Despite those two items, Ghost Hunters International is a show I enjoy and I would recommend this season from what I have seen.

Tune in tonight at 9 pm (ET) to Ghost Hunters International on Syfy and then come back here and tell me what you thought down below.

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