FRANKLIN & BASH “Franklin vs. Bash” Review

FRANKLIN AND BASH (USA) Franklin vs. Bash

FRANKLIN & BASH “Franklin vs. Bash” Episode 7 – In this episode Franklin and Bash do the unthinkable. They (gasp!) split up, well at least for a little while. After being put on the case of two pole dancers accused of drugging and stealing from a bunch of housewives, the boys decide that the best they can do for their clients is divide and conquer, with each of them representing one of the lovely ladies.

What ensues is a battle that is pretty hilarious and also kind of sad. As the boys finally come to realize, they are better as a team and watching them attack each other was rough. Some of their barbs were pretty sharp and though I like to see them go after each other in a joking and mocking way, I didn’t like it as much when it was for real. Luckily though it doesn’t last long and soon enough they are on the same side again, doing what they do best – confounding everyone in the courtroom until people figure out that they’ve just won their case.

Meanwhile Karp and Hanna are put on the case of a 13-year old kayaker who wants to paddle down the Amazon River. I’m enjoying that we’re continuing to see these two working as a team together. Their cases are not quite as exciting as the boys’, but that’s not the point. The point (at least to me) is that we’re watching them figure out where their relationship is and I like watching them grow closer. There is still a spark between those two and eventually I think it’s going to be fanned into a flame again.

My favorite bits..

Wait. So using Van Halen song titles as a defense is wrong?

“.and they’re six-inch stilettos make flight risk nearly impossible.”

“Money doesn’t make you an angel. We work the same pole.”

Jared asking the judge to nod so it at least *looked* like they were saying something smart.

“Quiet contest, starting now!” – Um Jared, that never works for kids. What makes you think it will work for a couple of pole dancers?

The boys debating who was the better lawyer.

Oh Pindar, I so didn’t need to know that about those fish in the Amazon.

“so…..nothing is fuzzy.”

The “Dude, come on!” battle.

“I’m sorry, is Mr. Bash implying that he’s the only one allowed to be cute?”

Peter trying to object because Jared was stealing his moves. Har.

Jared objecting that Peter was hitting on the entire jury box. Har Har.

Finding out that they named Jared’s persona “The Charming One” for marketing purposes.

Jared bringing up the fact that Janie dumped “The Bash” – Ouch. Oh no he didn’t!

“I’ve never been concerned about size, Peter. We went over that when we dated.”

Jared falling on his ass trying to get his briefcase open.


Okay, the kid hitting on Hanna is kinda creeping me out.

“I’m about to break a world record. What have you ever done that a girl would care about?”

Peter falling on his ass when Jared broke his chair.

Pindar being unable to look away from the pole-dancing videos.

Jared saying their defense was so thin it was going to need a feeding tube.

“95% of what I did, Your Honor, is 100% legal”

The contents of Jared’s safe deposit box. I think my favorite was the program from his High School production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat……in which he played a butler.

“Let’s talk about one of my favorite topics – breasts.” – and this makes Peter different from any other straight male on the planet, how?

Peter looking towards Janie when Infeld pointed out that you never value what you have until it’s gone. Aw.

The kid calling Hanna “super sonic hot.”

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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