COVERT AFFAIRS “The Outsiders” Review

covert affairs

COVERT AFFAIRS “The Outsiders” Season 2 Episode 6 – This week’s episode finds Annie and Riva in Poland, placing tech which will help the CIA spy on the Poland/Belarus border. Belarus is suspected of supplying illegal arms to other countries and the intel gathered after this mission will help bring their activities to an end.

Then Annie and Riva are caught. Taken to Belarus, Annie and Riva soon realise that they’ll have to help themselves before the CIA will be able to help them. Annie downs some shots like a pro, flings a bottle of vodka into a fire, and then they’re away into the Belarusian night. Morning sees them heading for the Ukraine border, but an argument leads to Riva hurting her ankle and they seek shelter with a Roma family. The Belarusian secret police track them down but they escape yet again – and ultimately have to take a leap of faith, quite literally, in order to get away.

Meanwhile, Joan has interdepartmental ‘issues’ when the State Department refuses to pay for Annie and Riva’s release up front, preferring to wait it out for a few days; Danielle finds Annie’s passport at home, when she’s supposed to be in Scotland, and Auggie has to call in outside help to create a plausible cover story; and Jai is sent in to find Annie, riding to the rescue after an amusing mishap.

Okay, so the plot was simple and there has to be a limit to how many times we can see Annie (and random agent) race around (random city/state/country) while Auggie and Joan attempt to figure out a rescue plan – but we haven’t reached that limit yet.

I really, really enjoyed this episode. It taught us a lot about who Annie is; between her training, her history and her common sense, Annie Walker is a really good operative. I just wish she didn’t have a tendency to speak aloud quite so often – what if someone in the truck spoke English and overheard her talking to Riva about the CIA? It would have helped their case even less. But aside from that, Annie was looking like an actual operative and not just a newbie this week.

Jai finally got something to do! Granted, he didn’t get to actually do much, but he definitely brought the humor and (I’ll admit it, I’m shallow) he looked damned good riding that motorbike. But the most interesting thing about Jai in this episode is how quickly and easily he walked out of that interview. It looked like a pretty prestigious company, but when Annie needed his help, he walked away with barely a glance back. He’s good at his job, it’s a shame he feels he needs to be elsewhere.

And lastly, I loved the Annie/Auggie and Annie/Riva interactions this week. I hope Riva is in more episodes because she’s a fun character and she plays well against the others. And Auggie? Well, he might not get to go out in the field and kick ass very often, but I love the way he knows exactly what Annie needs and how she thinks, as well as how he’s always there when she needs a cover with Danielle. Poor Danielle comes so close to finding out the truth about Annie so often – I wonder if she ever will?

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