WHITE COLLAR “Scott Free” Review

White Collar

WHITE COLLAR “Scott Free” Season 3 Episode 6 – In this episode Peter and Neal are on the trail of a regular Robin Hood – a kid who steals from people of wealth who happen to collect expensive and over-the-top toys. So he takes said toys from them and gives a donation to a charity when he does so. Classy.

When Peter gets the case, he’s over-the-moon happy about it, telling Neal that now that he’s caught him, he misses the challenge. Neal for his part seems more than a wee bit jealous of the new guy. Whether it was because the kid was almost as good as he was at that age or because of Peter’s attention, I’m not sure, but my vote is on the latter.

Neal catches up to the kid which leaves him in a bit of a pickle. Should he encourage Scott onto the path of the straight and narrow or should he help him continue on the crooked path of a con man? It was an interesting position for Neal to be in, especially since he himself is in the midst of trying to pull off his biggest con yet. He and Mozzie have even gone so far as to get themselves completely untraceable new identities in preparation for the big day.

In the end Neal does tell Scott/Robin Hoodie that he should turn himself in and the kid does it. What I found extremely intriguing about it was that he gave this big long speech to Scott about how Peter is the smartest man he’s ever known and he would catch Scott, no matter what it took. Neal’s doing all this fancy stuff to make his great escape, but I think deep down he knows that no matter what he does, Peter will still find him. The best that he’s doing is maybe adding a little more time to how long he’s free and I still gotta wonder why he’s considering it. Perhaps it’s just for the game of it all.

It could be that maybe, like Peter, Neal is missing the chase.

My favorite bits..

Neal pointing out that one of the perks of living in New York City was the casual exhibitionism. Har.

Finding out that Mozzie has been knocking in iambic pentameter. Not quite sure how one does that but if anyone could figure it out, it would be Mozz.

Peter helping himself to the breakfast that Neal made.

Peter saying that they should hold the robot vacuum cleaner for questioning.

“I like tracking the smart ones. Now that you’re on my side, I miss the challenge.

Robin Hoodie! Robin Hoodie! Robin Hoodie! Haha! Sorry, Neal but I’m SOOO gonna call him that too.

Elizabeth picking up that the subject of “young Neal” was a touchy one.

Peter and Elizabeth sharing a fistbump. OMG that was beyond adorable.

“Have you ever had a hundred grand between your legs?” – Aw darn, I kinda wanted to hear what Neal’s reply was to that.

“You really like saying confederate, don’t you?” “Confederate.”

LOL! Peter is TOTALLY the Sheriff of Nottingham.

“How do you know it’s him?” “He’s in a suit hoodie.” “I don’t even know what that is.”

Robin Hoodie busting through that window on the bike. Whoa.

The knowing nod that Peter gave when Neal described Robin Hoodie as kid who was having the time of his life, impulsive and arrogant, with no idea how deeply over his head he was. Yep, that sounds familiar to me, too.

The surprised look Peter gave when Neal said he never hit rock bottom. Hm, really?

“Word is, he ‘talks the talk’ to ‘speak the speak'” “Did you enjoy that sentence?” “Yes I did.”

Neal telling Mozzie to look towards his *other* southwest.

Mozzie pulling off a Scrooge McDuck. Is it wrong that I kinda wish I knew how to do one of those?

“Never say you’re sorry unless you’re pulling a con.”

Neal calling Mozzie ‘Qui-Gon Jinn”…well it’s better than “Bob.”

Peter warning Neal not to be a bad influence on Sara.

Mozzie offering to keep “all four” eyes on Carlisle. LOL.

Mozzie deciding to make Sara the Barbie on the board…and Scott playing with it.

Wondering how it’s possible for Neal to make even an umbrella look good.

Not being at all surprised that Peter caught on to Neal’s little plan, but also glad that he trusted Neal enough to let him continue with it.

“You’re alleging that a thief broke into your office to crack and uncrackable safe to give you millions of dollars in diamonds?” – Nah.that would be wacky.

Neal telling Scott that Peter was the smartest man he’s ever know and he would catch Scott just like he caught him. Wow.

Scott turning himself in, but only to Peter.

“Jones, could you cuff him again?” – LOL. Ooops.

Peter assuring Neal that people do change.

King Richard the Lionheart? Yeah I could go with that, too.

Neal trying out his new name.

Uh oh..Sara found the passport. Methinks Neal is in trouble.

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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