WEEDS “Game-Played” Review

WEEDS “Game-Played” Season 7 Episode 3 – Moving at an even slower crawl than last week’s episode, this time the pacing was not jarring and indeed contributed to the show’s tone odd tone. Unlike last week’s episode not a lot happened, but there were several interesting scenes, especially on the Nancy and Silas front.

Last week I bemoaned the fact that Silas’ model storyline was dull and moved him outside of the triangle of characters the show’s emotion is built around: Shane, Andy and Nancy. This week I was (shockingly) proved completely wrong. Sure, Silas’ model exploits were pretty dull last week. This week it was clear that they were just a set up. First he had an interview with an artist who talks through another person, and then said artist puts him in a plastic bubble as her exhibit. It’s the sort of jarring randomness which makes Weeds so weirdly amusing.

Nancy meanwhile had to face the consequences of her drug bust of last week, but unlike some other shows on Showtime’s roster (Nurse Jackie) her actions actually do meet consequences and these are pretty proportional reactions. Instead of being sent back to prison, Nancy must enrol in drug counselling, which turns out to be a very good way of hearing about the New York drug trade.

There were some truly lovely scenes. I still have no idea what Doug is doing in the picture and I mostly zone out during his scenes. That being said, Andy and Nancy’s reunion in the Botwin boys’ new apartment was sweet, well played by Parker (as usual) and Justin Kirk, who gave Andy a sense of awkward emotion towards Nancy. It’s the sort of sweet stuff we don’t usually see from the crass comedic uncle.

The highlight of the episode-and a storyline I really hope the writers explore because it seems endlessly fascinating-was the Silas and Nancy reunion, at long last. I say reunion, really it was more of a confrontation, and it was a cold one at that. Silas is fuming at his mother, and with good reason, but instead of leaving it behind, he finds her back to her old tricks-hiding weed in his apartment which she can’t take back to the halfway house.

Knowing she can’t sell it, he decides to deal himself, and only cut her in on the profits. It was his cruel, clever and confident undercutting of his mother which afforded the scene so much depth. On the one hand, Nancy is a bitch of a mother who essentially destroyed Silas’ teenage years and put both of her sons’ lives in grave danger, indirectly forcing Shane to bludgeon a woman to death to protect his mother. But then, she is the series’ protagonist and our sympathies, as an audience, do lie with her, despite her inexplicable dealings and motives.

But Silas doe not just wish to leave the past behind and move on with his life, independent of his mother. No, instead it looks like he wants vengeance. In doing so, she must become dependent on him as she’s stuck at the halfway house. It’s a twist to a brilliant new dynamic and I can’t wait to see more of it.

Random lines:

Nancy: “I can be a real person. I can. I’ve been one before…it was…good.”

Andy reassuring Nancy about her baby: “She won’t get custody. They rarely take custody away from the mother…unless there’s good reason-” points at her suitcase, “-Contents?”
Nancy: “Explosives.”

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