WAREHOUSE 13 “The New Guy” Review

warehouse 13 season 3 premiere

WAREHOUSE 13 “The New Guy” Season 3 Episode 1 – WAREHOUSE 13 returned to the SyFy Channel last night for a third season. The episode aptly titled “The New Guy” was fantastic, and one of the best (in my opinion) season premieres of the summer television season.

Last summer we left Warehouse 13 with Myka deciding that she was no longer going to be working at the Warehouse, afraid that she was going to accidentally bring on the end of the world (which isn’t true, but whatever). So to take her place, Special Agent Steve Jinks (um… love the last name) steps in.

So… enter “The New Guy”. Jinks has a built in lie detector in his brain, and can instantly tell when people aren’t giving him the entire truth. This turns out to be helpful in the long run, and Jinks believes the other agents when they tell him the truth about what they do and why he’s there.

The agents are currently working on a case of a lost folio of none other than William Shakespeare. The folio is causing people to die off in ways that are very reminiscent of Shakespeare’s death scenes. Personally, I loved this case. Pete decides to visit Myka’s family bookstore where she’s working, to tell her about the case, and much to my surprise, she rejoins the team in the premiere episode.

I was thinking that she’d be out a little longer than that. Not that I”m complaining, I feel that Myka will work well with the new dynamic that Jinks brings to the Warehouse, but it was just a surprising move.

Overall “The New Guy” was fantastic. It had everything that we’ve come to love about Warehouse 13 – the humor, the wit, and fantastic writing. There weren’t a lot of pop culture references (which I”m a fan of) save one about Spoke and Kirk, but hey, I’ll overlook it.

Aaron Ashmore (Jinks) does an amazing job fitting in with the rest of the cast. His character, while REALLY funny, is different from the other agents, so there isn’t that repetitive feeling that can happen with a case this size.

Well done, Warehouse 13, and welcome back! What did you think of the premiere? Do you think the third season of Warehouse 13 is going to be as great as the first two? Let me know in comments!

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