THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING Set Visit and Interview with Alyssa Diaz

the nine lives of chloe king

Last week I traveled to the set of ABC Family’s NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING to get a tour of the set and speak with some of the actors on the show.

Though the series is set in beautiful San Francisco, the show actually shoots on the basement level of a building on the historic backlot of CBS Studios in Studio City, just outside of Los Angeles. Apparently the cast and crew travel to the bay area a few times throughout the season to get the outdoor shots, but then head back to LA for all of the interiors.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to take any photos, but we did get to walk through and see a number of the sets used on the show. Our tour guide for the day was Amy and first up she took us to the high school, which is really just one big hallway and a stairway that led to nowhere. I’m sure they set up other rooms and classrooms as they need them, but I was still very impressed with the size of it.

Next up we were taken to the vintage clothing store/coffee shop where the kids hang out. Outside was a mini street scene complete with street signs and inside it was exactly like you see it on the show. The clothing shop looked like something that belonged on Melrose and the clothes were awesome. There was a pair of rockin’ pirate looking boots that I really wanted to come home with me. The coffee shop/bookstore was very nice and looked so real that we were warned not to partake of the goodies on the counter (which were made of plastic I’m sure, though they did look pretty real).

Then we were taken to Brian’s bedroom, which looked pretty much like how you’d expect a teenage boy’s room to look – generally messy with clothes all over the bed and floor and lots of musical instruments, video games and other gadgets strewn about. After that we went to Chloe’s house and saw her beautiful kitchen, which I’d kill to have in my own home.

Then we walked over to Chloe’s mom’s (Meredith) room, which I admired for all the lovely woodwork in it. Chloe’s bedroom was next and though the “Dream” sign was missing from above her bed, it looked just as it does on the show, with lots of pictures everywhere (many of which, according to Amy, were of star Skyler Samuels’ real friends and family) and tons of other girly stuff like cute pillows, etc.

We walked briefly through a small restaurant set that was being used in the episode (they were filming the season finale while we were there) and then to our final destination which was the Mai penthouse. Because of the need to fit a lot of cast and crew into a space when filming, what struck me about a lot of these spaces was just how huge they were. The penthouse loft looks big on screen but when you’re in it, it’s absolutely monstrous.

In addition to our tour, we also sat down with some of the cast and our first interview of the day was with Alyssa Diaz, who plays Jasmine on the show.


On her character

When asked to describe her character, Alyssa said she thinks of Jasmine as “fierce.” For those that are curious about a possible love interest for Jasmine, Alyssa did assure us that yes, she should be seeing some romance before the end of the season. She said that there is a lot of drama coming for the character as well, pointing out that she had recently shot a very emotional scene where Jasmine apparently confronts her mother. She also promised us a lot of action scenes coming up for Jasmine as well, which will allow Alyssa to continue to use the martial arts training that she has, calling it a “blessing” to find a show where she can showcase her talents.

Finally she told us that there is a HUGE cliffhanger coming up at the end of this season, which she described as a “wild ride.”

On the relationship between Chloe and Jasmine

Alyssa told us that viewers should expect to see a lot more depth between Chloe and Jasmine as the two continue to figure out their relationship. She doesn’t see a rivalry between the two, but rather a friendship that is slowly growing. She remarked that all of the characters on the show are struggling to figure out who they are, which includes Chloe and Jasmine.

On how she got the role

Alyssa said that she was shown a script for the show while she was in Shreveport, Louisiana and immediately was drawn to the character of Jasmine. Her initial thought on reading the character was “she’s my girl” and she decided to go for it. She auditioned and tested for it and it looks like everyone agreed that she was perfect for the role because she heard back within 30 minutes that she’d gotten it.

Check out The Nine Lives of Chloe King which airs Tuesdays 9/8c on ABC Family.

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