THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING Set Interviews with Ki Hong Lee and Grace Phipps

Nine Lives of Chloe King Set Visit - Ki Hong Lee and Grace Phipps

Last week I drove over to backlot of CBS Studios to check out the set for THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING and to interview some of the cast. You can check out the link to my set visit article and interview with Alyssa Diaz here.

Our first interview of the day was with Ki Hong Lee, who plays half of the adorable couple known as Paul and Amy.

On his character

When asked to describe Paul, Ki Hong said that he felt that Paul was a curious and adventurous sort of guy. Describing him as “comfortable in his own skin”, he said that he admired the way Paul doesn’t let people get to him and that he was striving to be more the character every day. Though he admitted that he found it hard to do as an actor and in a field where criticism is fairly constant.

On what’s coming up for Paul

Ki Hong told us that in next week’s episode (airing Tuesday, July 19) Paul will be featured a lot. The upcoming episode was his favorite to film so far this season, which is probably reason enough to tune in. He also promised us that viewers will continue to see different sides of Paul develop as the series progresses this season. As for Paul taking a turn at belting out a few tunes like his girlfriend, Ki Hong told us that he has yet to be asked to sing for the show yet, which he also said was a good thing as he didn’t think he had quite as good of a voice as his co-star.

On his cast mates and working on the show

When asked about his co-stars, Ki Hong said that working on Nine Lives is a pleasure as everyone on the cast and crew gets along really well and there was “no drama” within the group. He said he felt really lucky to be part of such an incredible group of people and does whatever he can to learn from his co-workers, whether they be fellow actors, camera operators, or directors. He also told us that he’s very proud to be in a position to set what he hopes is a good example for other Asian actors and actresses.

When asked about his lovely co-star Grace, Ki Hong described her as someone who “lights up a room” and his timing couldn’t have been better as Grace walked into the room right then and jumped into his lap to give him a hug. It was beyond cute and I quickly fell in love with her, she was so sweet and funny. She had our entire table giggling, even the one guy who was sitting with us.

On her character

Grace said that Amy is in a position in her life now where she has to grow up this season. She fell in love with the character when she read one of the books and came across a scene where Amy was making her own corset for a costume while listening to Buffy the musical, with glitter flying everywhere – and it was right then that she decided: “I just had to be her.” And who can blame her? Anyone who makes a corset while listening to Buffy is a-okay in my book, too.

She also told us that the cast and crew has begun describing Amy’s signature squeaks as sounding like “a dog on a pine cone.” LOL.

On what’s coming up for Amy

When asked about what the future holds for Amy this season, Grace told us that there will be some bumps in the road for all of Amy’s relationships. In regards to Chloe and Amy’s friendship Amy said that though it’s her best friend who is going through this huge change, Amy is a big part of Chloe’s life and will do anything it takes to protect her. So we will continue to see Amy stand up and fight for her friend because even though Chloe may have nine lives, Amy never wants to see her friend hurt. Grace told us that she sees Amy as a Labrador, because she’s very loyal but if you’re not one of her people, she can also be pretty vicious.

Check out The Nine Lives of Chloe King which airs Tuesdays 9/8c on ABC Family.

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