THE CLOSER “Unknown Trouble” Review

THE CLOSER “Unknown Trouble” Season 7 Episode 1 – When a rapper and his entourage are gunned down in his mansion, the Major Case Division think that it could be the result of gang violence. Meanwhile the force and specifically Johnson come under attack as they’re sued by the mother of a criminal Johnson gave immunity to, who, after driving him home a year before, was then gunned down. The most of the man believes that Johnson wilfully drove him home, knowing he was in danger, knowing he would likely be killed. Also, the department, due to budget cuts, is facing a reshuffle and Pope is heading out to traffic division.

Personally, I think The Closer is one of the best police procedural on television. It does very little new with the genre but it does it well and with a certain amount of flair. The directing on the show ranges from stylised slo-mo shots to realistic handheld camera action to the exciting bust near the episode’s end. Particularly in this episode, the silent opening provided much of the information needed about the case, and doesn’t seem as bent on exposition dumping. This episode spent most of its time in one location: the police headquarters. I’m not sure if that was to save money-maybe that music video was expensive to make, and I loved the fact that the people behind The Closer actually wrote and produced a rap song for this episode-it’s a thousand times more effective to see and hear the song than to be told “he’s a breakout rap star”.

The case itself was nice and twisty without seeming convoluted. The squad, instead of jumping from red herring to red herring, settled down and focused their attention on various leads. Soon they found their leads and focused on reeling them in for capture.

There things got more interesting, as inter-office politics threatened to get in the way of Johnsons’ interview with the chief suspect. As usual, she relied on a bit of Southern charm trickery and a fake empty briefcase to lead the police to the killer.

The episode ended with a cliffhanger. I’m looking forward to see what happens.

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