THE BIG C “Sexual Healing” Review

THE BIG C "Sexual Healing" Season 2 Episode 3 (5)

THE BIG C “Sexual Healing” Season 2 Episode 3 – Well…okay. There was some sad stuff, some funny stuff and a lotta kinky stuff in the latest instalment of The Big C. It was an episode about sex-no, not the romance and passion of it, but the animalistic desire for sexual contact.

Andrea’s parents have been invited to Ghana to do some missionary work (or, as Paul put it, they were offered “missionary positions”) and with only a year left to graduate, Cathy invites her to live with the Jamesons and forego Africa. It’s a pretty clunky excuse to give Sidibe more of a reason to be involved with the family, but it works out nonetheless. Well, at least for the viewers.

Paul finds himself in a terribly awkward position when Andrea walks in on him, as she so eloquently put it, “burping his baby”. This gets Cathy fuming because he reassured her that he did not miss sex at all. I like that though their argument brought up their past affairs, it did not wrench them apart; in a way it brought them closer together because their affairs are not elephants in the room. The resolution of this story line was frankly one of the more bizarre things I’ve seen on television-when Paul told Cathy that her first come-on was “weird and aggressive” it was something which could also be aptly used to describe her second come on as she buys him a vagina sleeve, as you do. It’s the most unsexy thing that I think has graced the television in some time, and was only capped off in its weirdness with the subsequent consummation.

Outside of Paul and Cathy, Adam is also finding some healing. His girlfriend Mia wants to take things slow, so he gets an offer by another girl to go under the bleachers. The only thing that annoys me about this storyline is the way cancer is perceived in school: I mean, come on, kids are way to self-centered to care so much whether or not someone’s mother is battling the big C.

Then there’s Sean and his pills which have greatly affected his mood, and leads Rebecca to try to impress him. It was a quasi-sweet moment as he showed her his own imperfections: his hangnail. Ick-oh, I mean, aw.

It was a pretty entertaining episode of The Big C, less funny than it was utterly bizarre, which is also a good thing.

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