TEEN WOLF “Night School” Review

Teen Wolf (MTV) - Night School

TEEN WOLF “Night School” Season 1 Episode 7 – A good, fun jaunt in the dark! Tonight’s TEEN WOLF was purely and simply a cat and mouse chase. I was riveted to know what would happen, but entirely confused by the characters throughout this episode, “Night School”. There were many inconsistencies and turnarounds that were hard to understand. Everyone looked appropriately scared, but the scenes with Lydia and Jackson broke the fluidity of the episode for me. Lydia was freaking out one minute, then was calm enough the next minute to remember how to make a Molotov cocktail. Jackson’s smug face was also highly annoying and puzzling. Then there is Allison, who I always considered to be a tough girl – or at least not so emotional and high-pitched, like Lydia usually is. But with Allison breaking up with Scott (due to fear or his dishonesty?), Lydia came out the more reasonable of the two tonight.

The Alpha is one ugly, salivating beast in all its red-eyed, creepy-mouthed glory.

Go somewhere with less windows! For heaven’s sake, why are they always just standing there when they should be running (for all the good it would do)?! Word of advice: if he’s using the door knob, it is not the Alpha.

Jackson sacrifices Scott to the Alpha, and looks far too pleased causing friction between Allison and Scott. What is he up to?

How did Jackson get over his malady? He looked like he was about to die last week. And what is his sudden infatuation with Allison, besides the obvious attractions? Is it just because she is Scott’s girlfriend? He is apparently still obsessed with Scott.

I have consistently found Allison and Jackson to be two characters that always raise many questions. They both have conflicting emotions and aspects of their lives that they have to reconcile, both in their own personal backgrounds and in their relations to Scott. This is really noticeable in tonight’s episode.

Jackson clearly has a bit of the wolf in him. But is he connected to the Alpha, Scott or Derek? The Alpha wants Scott to join his pack and kill his current pack. Is that what Jackson was trying to do to Scott?

No sign of Derek tonight. What happened to the janitor’s bloody dead body? And we still don’t know if the vet is or isn’t the Alpha.

What did you think of episode 7 “Night School” of Teen Wolf? What are your theories? Comment below.