SWITCHED AT BIRTH “The Persistence of Memory” Review

SWITCHED AT BIRTH (ABC Family)- The Persistence of Memory Episode 6

SWITCHED AT BIRTH “The Persistence of Memory” Season 1 Episode 6 – Tonight’s SWITCHED AT BIRTH is about communication and understanding, not only between the deaf and hearing worlds but between family and friends – Toby and John, Bay and Daphne, Regina and Kathryn. It’s another great episode that highlights the difficulties of the deaf culture, having to always accommodate to situations outside of their community. “The Persistence of Memory” provides a revealing contrast between the mocking that Daphne endures in school/cooking class and the productive back-and-forth that results between Bay and Emmett after a little patience.

Toby changes from happy-go-lucky brother to debt-ridden criminal.

Wilke is a bit of a conundrum. He is perfectly nice and even gallant with Daphne, but easily turns into the threatening bookie-racketeer. The character adds both fun and tension to the show.

John gets pressure from “the community” to settle the hospital lawsuit, or risk retaliation. It is effective when he says that he just wants the hospital to apologize. But why have they taken back the settlement offer? What can they use against the Kennishes – something about Regina, perhaps?

Bay finds a fellow artist in Emmett who surprisingly takes initiative to help Bay find information regarding her father. This seems out of character for him, someone who professes to not want any connection with the hearing world. I love that Emmett has most of the funny lines in this episode – all in sign language! But somehow I don’t believe that Bay wouldn’t have thought to look up the license plate number.

It is great to see Bay and Daphne get along, as well as see Regina and Kathryn finally reach a middle ground with one another.

I think I’d prefer to be known as the girl with the human subtitle rather than the girl who set the class on fire. Go, Daphne!

Tonight is the first time that we see a vulnerable side of Daphne in relation to her deafness. She didn’t just learn sign language, learn how to speak and then move on with her day. She was ridiculed by hearing classmates and fled into the welcoming arms of the deaf community, where she had to learn the confidence to face the world again. Language and communication is more than just the technical side of things. It also entails how people interact with each other and their perceptions.

I was particularly struck by two things. The first is when Regina told Kathryn to learn how to sign, in order to literally and psychologically understand Daphne. The other is the permanence of a cochlear implant and the fact that it is a way of life that would change Daphne as a person.

Bay is so close to finding her father, Angelo Sorrento. I am inclined to think that she is bound to get hurt at the end of her search.

I also think Wilke might hang detention-bound Toby out to dry.

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