MEMPHIS BEAT “The Things We Carry” Review

MEMPHIS BEAT (TNT) The Things We Carry Season 2 Episode 5

MEMPHIS BEAT “The Things We Carry” Season 2 Episode 5 – This whole idea about the half cut money that Dwight found in his daddy’s things has been sitting around a while and tonight we finally get the truth. The problem is that it’s not a particularly interesting story. Dwight really didn’t want to hear that though, being so sure that it was some big conspiracy and that his father was killed because he refused to go on the take. The truth is more mundane and it turns out the man accused of killing his dad did it in a drugged haze and not as part of a hit. When Dwight goes to visit the man after finding out that he’s requested an early leave from jail all he wants is to hear that there’s some great mystery to his father’s death. But he soon learns that what he really needs to do is let go and remember the man for the way he lived his life, not for the way he died.

For those of us expecting a long, drawn out story arc, there wasn’t much of one and frankly I can’t say that I’m not a bit disappointed by that. I guess that means I must be more like Dwight than I thought; seeking a much more exciting conclusion to that part of the story. But I guess now we can get back to Dwight doing what he does best, which is fighting crime in that unique way that he has.

My favorite bits..

Dwight thanking Whitehead for the lasting image of the “interesting night” he and his wife had after seeing ‘Last Tango in Paris.’

“I appreciate you trying to put a front porch on this, but lets just get right to why you’re here.”

The Rice is going to be working for Whitehead? Oh this I have got to see.

Sutton spotting that Whitehead had just given Rice not one, but two orders.

“I know. Pigs are flying.”

Dwight’s momma saying that she thought she saw a sign that said the speed limit was 55 but they went by so fast that she missed it. Ha! Love her.

Dwight getting pulled over for speeding. I like that he didn’t use his badge to get out of it, but that his momma sweet-talked their way out of it for him. That was awesome.

The kid trying to claim that he didn’t really like pot, he just liked chocolate. Yeaaah..riiiiiight.

Your third grade teacher in a dog collar? Ugh, scarring experience indeed.

Dwight finally telling his momma about the half cut money that he found in his daddy’s stuff.

OMG I just realized that the theater owner is Michael Pare. I love him!

“I can imagine how popular you two are gonna be in jail. I mean the nipple clamps alone..”

Dwight’s momma admitting that when she saw Mason all she wanted to do was put her hands around his neck and strangle him.

Dwight telling Rice to use her feminine wiles on the suspect. Ha.

Rice assuring the suspect that she was of the dominating variety of woman.

Well I was wondering how close of a friend Adriana was, guess I got my answer when Dwight walked in and found her mostly naked on the bed.

“But you already drank out of this.” “I don’t have cooties!”

Feeling like I needed to pick my jaw up off the floor after Dwight’s momma admitted that she knew about the money.

Dwight testifying at Mason’s hearing and saying that he wasn’t going to carry the memory of his dad’s murder any longer, but the story of his life instead.

Dwight’s happy smile when he threw the money away.

What did you think of this episode of Memphis Beat? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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