LEVERAGE “The 15 Minute Job” Review

LEVERAGE “The 15 Minute Job” Season 4 Episode 4 – Leverage has had some pretty light hearted episodes, but I can’t remember laughing as hard or as frequently as I did for “The 15 Minute Job”. The assignment for the week is to takedown a ruthless PR man named Rockwell (Mad Men’s Michael Gladis) whose job hinges on setting up politicians and celebrities in compromising situations then smearing their public image with a photo.

In order to take Rockwell down, the team devises a plan to give him a taste of his own medicine: they’ll set him up as a hero, then place him in a compromising situation and voila! career down the toilet.

The major problem with this (and part of the episode’s brilliance) is that Rockwell is the least heroic guy ever. From ignoring a Potemkinesque baby carriage disaster to encouraging an armed robber (Hardison in a balaclava) to let him go free and take a woman hostage instead (pointing at Sophie, undercover in the coffee shop) Rockwell quite literally flees from the face of heroism. It’s a hilarious, creative montage which, I’m glad to say, was just one of the highlights of the episode.

Gladis himself was obviously having fun, turning on his cheesy Bond villain mode (without the Russian accent) with fervent delight. He turned out to be one of the better guest stars the show has had.

And this was easily one of their best plots: convoluted yet oh so entertaining. From Parker’s chair sliding escapades in the evidence room to Nathan as a egoist PR man, every member had something fun and entertaining.

A few of my favorite bits:

The sound you’d imagine a rabbit making on his deathbed as Parker admitted to Hardison that she liked the CGI Yoda from Star Wars more.

“And you can’t say booze.”

Sophie’s fantastic dismissal of the doomed baby carriage as she’s distracted by a shoe sale.

“Who the hell shops here? It’s three dollars a banana.”

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