Five Questions for EUREKA Season 4.5

Five Questions for Eureka Season 4_5

EUREKA is back tonight for the second half of it’s fourth season. In preparation to see what happens next to our favorite town of geniuses, here are five questions that should be answered by the season finale.

What is the big event during Season 4.5?

Five Questions for Eureka Season 4_5_Big Event

Syfy’s previews for the second half of the season allude to a big event happening to the citizens of Eureka, under the ominous headings of “When Worlds Collide” and “Solving the Impossible”. In a town of geniuses like Eureka that can mean a lot of different things, but at least you know it will be entertaining. So what’s the big event? It could have something to do with Carter and the others traveling back to the original timeline, especially since there is now a second bridge device available. On the other hand, it could be some kind of collision of the two timelines that affects Eureka (a la Fringe)?

Of course this may not be connected to the time travel story, the show may want to take a different approach for these next episodes. My guess is that it definitely has something to do with Beverly Barlowe and her secretive group that wants to control Eureka’s scientific prorgress. At the same time, it may have something to do with the two big name guest stars for this half of the season, Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day.

What are Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton going to do on the show?

Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton Eureka Guest Stars

Eureka had already whipped geeks up in a frenzy for the first half of the season by having Wil Wheaton guest star as Dr. Parrish in the zombie inspired episode “All The Rage”. The show then kicked it up a notch by announcing the return of Dr. Parrish for an extended run in the second half of the season, and added more gas to that fire by announcing that everyones favorite Guild member, Felicia Day, would also come on board for an extended stint.

Day will play a Department of Defense official who is evaluating candidates for a special mission awarded to Global Dynamics. In the course of the evaluations, Wheaton’s Dr. Parrish will compete against Neil Grayston’s Fargo, though the competition may not be contained to who is best qualified for the mission.

I’m glad they brought Wheaton back for more episodes, he’s a good foil for Fargo’s role as head of Global Dynamics. I love Felicia Day’s work and think she will fit in great with the shows cast and feel. Hopefully there’s enough positive feedback from fans to make them regular characters, but regardless I’m going to love seeing them on this show while it lasts.

Is someone getting married?

Eureka Is Someone Getting Married

The first half of the season left us with a few romances blossoming or being rekindled throughout Eureka. The promos for the first episode back from the break “Liftoff” indicate that one of those couples may be taking the plunge. After so many years of waiting are Carter and Allison kicking things in high gear? Did Zane and Jo seal the rift between them and rekindle some of that old timeline magic? Are Henry and Grace renewing their vows? You’ll have to tune in to “Liftoff” to see the answer, but I can tell you that it will surprise you and lead to some great comedy moments.

What is Beverly Barlowe planning next?

Eureka Beverly Barlowe

Beverly Barlowe was kind of the “big bad” in the first season of Eureka and made a surprise revisit in the second season, so it was nice to see her character back in Season 4. The midseason finale “I’ll Be Seeing You” had Carter and Dr. Grant foiling Barlowe’s plan to control Eureka’s scientists by returning Grant to 1947. Like any good villain, she escapes before anyone can catch her and heads out of town. As the episode draws to a close we see her calling the head of their mysterious movement and reporting that she had a new target in mind, which is when we see a shot of Carter and Allison.

So what do you think her plan will be? Will she try to split up Carter and Allison? Could she target Carter through one of his other freinds or family, like Zoey or Jo? What if she tries to blackmail Carter and the others with revealing their time traveling to the authorities? With her it’s never easy to tell, but it should be fun for all of us to watch.

Will Carter and Co. ever make it back to the original timeline?

Eureka Bridge Device

Since the beginning of this season I’ve been a big fan of the time traveling storyline. It’s brought a new dimension to the characters and allowed for some “rebooting” of relationships. I saw it as a plot line that would eventually lead the time travelers back home and follow on with interesting stories about how they acclimate to their old lives (e.g. Can Fargo deal with not being head of GD anymore?). Still, I’m getting the feeling from the promos for Season 4.5 or from some of the leaked story details for future episodes that this isn’t happening any time soon.

Do you think this is a permanent change or will we see Carter and the others return to their original timeline? On one hand I’m happy based on how well the first half of the season has gone. It’s really opened up the episode plot lines and offers the writers and producers the opportunity to do a lot of fun things and experiment a little, which is where I think this show really shines. Still, I keep on wondering what is going on in the original timeline. There’s also the idea that these folks don’t belong in this timeline, that they are basically living someone elses life. Plus, the idea that the group would be willing to give up so much (especially now that they’ve gotten used to their new lives) to return home would be very compelling.


I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on these questions and which questions you may have that weren’t covered. Make sure you tune in to Syfy at 8 PM EDT tonight for “Liftoff” and start getting the answers to our questions.