Exclusive Interview: WAREHOUSE 13’s Eddie McClintock Takes on Pete/Myka Romance, Crazy Hair and Great White Sharks

WAREHOUSE 13's Eddie McClintock

Warehouse 13 returns tonight for a third season and fans like myself are nothing but excited.

If you are itching to know what to expect about the new season, you are in luck as Daemon’s TV was honored to talk with the always funny and charming Eddie McClintock who plays Pete Lattimer, the witty Secret Service Agent whose superior gut instinct has gotten him out of a lot of jams.

During the interview, Eddie opened up about the joy and challenges of being on a successful series, the great guest stars you can expect to see this season and also about his burgeoning artistic endeavors. Don’t forget to tune in tonight at 9-10 p.m. ET on Syfy for the Warehouse 13 premiere episode “The New Guy“.

How does it feel to have a third season?

Eddie McClintock: It’s great. Before ‘Warehouse 13’ I had four network series, all that had gotten cancelled within the first year. So, to actually have a series that has some legs is a great feeling. It’s a lot of fun.

Pete is getting a new partner this season. Steve Jinks is going to be played by Aaron Ashmore. How is that going to workout between the two characters?

Eddie McClintock: We get along great. Pete is a little resistant at first because he’s not real happy with the way that things ended with his partnership with Myka, and he loves Myka and he’s hurt by the fact that she would just leave like that. So, he’s a little resistant at first, but Jinks is such a likeable guy and Aaron plays him so well that they kind of hit it off pretty quickly.

Is there going to be a lot of banter between Pete and Steve this season?

Eddie McClintock: Unfortunately we kind of drift apart because he gets out with Claudia.

Do you think there will be more than just friendship between Pete and Myka later on this season?

Eddie McClintock: I don’t think so and I hope not. I like where they have Pete and Myka in relation to one another. I think it’s great that you can have two people who are relatively attractive and by all rights should be attracted to one another, but the fact that they respect the boundaries of the job and respect one another to not go there and to not push that, I mean, maybe in season ten.

What about Pete and some sort of romance this season? A new love interest perhaps?

Eddie McClintock: It’s so hard because the jobs these people have, it would be tough to love someone in their line of work because of the fact that everyday they basically are out there saving the world and could die at any moment. As you saw, Paula Garces, her character in season two, she has to leave Pete just for her own self-preservation because she just worries too much about him.

What can you tease about season 3 of Warehouse 13?

Eddie McClintock: The thing for me, and besides the fact that I think the stories this year are even stronger than last year, I just think the show is more fun. It’s more exciting this year especially because we have some great guest stars this year. Lindsay Wagner is coming back. Rene Auberjonois is coming back. Kate Mulgrew. Jeri Ryan. Sasha Rois from ‘Caprica’. Alessandra Torresani from ‘Caprica’ has a guest spot. Then there’s a few that I’m not allowed to talk about. So, it’s great. It’s one thing to have stunt cast just for the sake publicity, but to actually get actors who do great work and fit in so well with the show, it’s just an added bonus.

How far along are you guys in the third season in terms of completed episodes?

Eddie McClintock: We’re one day into the twelfth episode. So, we have seven more shooting days on the twelfth episode and then eight shooting days on the thirteen episode. So, I leave here on the 21st or the 20th to fly to San Diego for Comic-Con and then back to Toronto.

If you could travel back in time and meet your former self at the beginning of ‘Warehouse 13’ what would you tell yourself?

Eddie McClintock: I would tell myself not to change my hairstyle in season three.

Why do you mean?

Eddie McClintock: Well, I have hair issues, man. When I did ‘Bones‘ the hair person at ‘Bones‘, or well, the producers didn’t want me to look like [David] Boreanaz because I all ready kind of look like Boreanaz. So, they wanted to make sure that I didn’t look as much like Boreanaz as I could. They wanted me to be as far away from the way that he looks as possible, and so they had the hairstylist cut my hair and do my hair.

You would be shocked at how many people rag on me on Twitter on Facebook about my hair during my run on ‘Bones’. It’s always like, ‘Oh, Eddie McClintock on “Bones”, he does a great job, but what’s up with the hair.’ I’m so paranoid about my hair. So, this year, at the beginning of the season I was like, ‘I want to change it up and do something different.’ So, the first episode or two I have my hair kind of down and to the side, and then once I saw it I didn’t like it. So, I went back to the way that it was the first two seasons. So, hopefully, people will go, ‘Oh, look at Pete. He’s said that Myka is gone. So he hasn’t been putting product in his hair,’ and then once she comes back my hair reverts. So, that’s what I’m going with.

Solid advice. Steve has an interesting power, knowing when people are lying. Would you like that power?

Eddie McClintock: No. I think unfortunately that it’s necessary sometimes. Sometimes it’s better not to know the truth about things, I feel, and if you knew everyone’s truths I think it would be disappointing because the fact is that we’re human. So, we’re flawed, and not to get too esoteric with the answer, but I like it the way that it is. I think it’d be hard to know what everyone was thinking, that people were lying to you all the time.

Do you have any upcoming projects outside of ‘Warehouse 13’?

Eddie McClintock: My agent left our agency and went to a new agency and I’m going to miss him terribly, but I’ve gotten a new agent at my agency. She’s a lady that I’ve known for a lot of years, and I’ve had a tremendous respect for her. We’re speaking on the phone now and she says she’s excited to get me back to L.A. and that they have some things cooking, but there’s nothing on the books right now.

But they do have some plans for me when I get back. It’s tough because they’re talking about me possibly going down to New Orleans a week or so after I get back, and I’m here in Toronto for six months without my wife and kids. That’s really tough. So, the fact that I would have to go to New Orleans right away again is difficult, but that’s my job and I have to do it so that the boys can go to private school and have a Nintendo DS.

I just discovered Eddiemcclintock.com. I had no idea you were an artist. Can you talk about that?

Eddie McClintock: This was actually obviously before Nintendo DS and before the iPad and all the things that my wife and I use to keep our sons from destroying the table when we go out to dinner. My mother would give me a pen and a pencil and some crayons and I would draw on the placemat.

As I got older I realized that I enjoyed art. Whether I was good at it or not I guess still remains to be seen. I actually went to college as an art major and to wrestle. I wrestled at Wright State University down in Dayton, Ohio for three years. I was an art major for the first year until I realized.I saw all these starving artist sales on TV and I thought that maybe I needed to get an actual job when I got out of college.

So, I got my degree in business communications, whatever that is. I don’t even know. I think that my degree was actually written with a Sharpie and I think they made that degree up to get me out of there. My art fell away for a while and then my wife saw some stuff that I’d done and she said, ‘You should get back into your art work and maybe try to sell it now that you have “Warehouse 13“.’ So, I have that stuff up there and I sell a few pieces of art work a month, two three pieces of art a month.

Have you ever considered doing comic books because it seems like you might be good at that?

Eddie McClintock: Yeah. I would consider it. I feel like I’m not quite good enough. I don’t know if I’m good enough to do that. I love comic books and I admire comic book artists so much, and to even think that I could be that good is daunting and humbling. But I’d certainly consider it if someone felt the need to give me that responsibility.

Is there a question that no one’s ever asked you that you’ve been dying to give an answer to?

Eddie McClintock: I guess the thing that just popped into my mind is that I’ve wanting to get this great white shark.I have a natural obsession with great white sharks and I guess that if anyone asked me what I’d like to come back as – no one has ever asked me – it would be a great white shark.

Better to be a great white shark than a small fish.

Eddie McClintock: I was thinking maybe I’d like to come back as a sand dollar, but then I decided on great white shark.

WAREHOUSE 13's Eddie McClintock