Exclusive Interview: Lindsay Sloane Gets Hooked on WEEDS

Lindsay Sloane

Tonight, WEEDS fans are in for a treat as brilliant and charming Lindsay Sloane (who you can currently see in the movie “Horrible Bosses” in theaters now) will take on a guest starring role as Maxeen, a conceptual artist who makes a strong connection with Andy Botwin (Justin Kirk).

Daemon’s TV spent some time talking to Lindsay about what attracted her to the character, who’s her favorite Weeds character and why she prefers comedy over drama.

Check out what she had to say below and don’t forget to tune in to tonight’s episode of WeedsGame-Played” which airs 10:00pm on Showtime

Lets talk about you being in ‘Weeds’. Very exciting stuff.

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: Yes, I’m very excited. I’m excited that it’s finally airing.

Can you talk about your character, Maxeen?

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: My character is Maxeen. I’m a conceptual artist in New York, and basically I’m fascinated by human behavior, the way that people behave in different circumstances and the way that people react to different things. So, most of my art projects aren’t shocking for shock value, but they’re more shocking just to study how humans will react to it.

So, Silas is a participant in one of my shows, and Andy actually has a reaction that I’ve never seen anyone have before at one of the shows. So, I’m incredibly drawn to him because he’s just so real and so grounded and had such a genuine emotional reaction to what the piece was that I’m just enamored by him.

What attracted you to the role?

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: I just thought that she was someone that I haven’t played before. I like that she’s very interesting, but I also think that you become an actor because you’re just so interested in people; the way that they behave and react and how people feel in different circumstances.

I think she’s also a character that is just kind of enamored by human nature. Also I also am just a huge fan of Justin Kirk and was really excited at the idea of being able to act with him and be in these circumstances with him.

Do you interact with the whole clan, including Nancy?

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: No. Actually all my stuff was either with Silas or Andy Botwin. So, just Hunter [Parrish] and Justin Kirk, but it’s not bad that I get the handsome men on the show.

How many episodes have you shot so far?

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: Three so far.

Do you know how many total you’re going to do?

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: No. I think that we’ll see what happens.

So, there might be a possibility for Maxeen to become recurring?

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: Well, I mean it is recurring just in the fact that I’ve done three, but who knows what happens from here.

Were you originally a fan of the show?

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: I’ve loved the show since the beginning.

So who’s your favorite character?

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: Surprisingly, Andy Botwin. I just think he’s so much fun and he has so much life to him that when you watch him in a scene he’s so animated and interesting, and yet so grounded.

I’ve just been a fan of his as an actor for so long. I’ve always said that if I ever did the show, I’d want to do something with Justin and then this came along and it was so exciting and so perfect how it all worked out.

Was working on the ‘Weeds’ set different from any of the other sets you’ve worked on?

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: No. Everyone is really nice. I think it’s different just in it being rare that you work on a TV show that’s been on the air for seven seasons and by the time you get to season seven it just kind of runs like a machine.

I’m used to doing shows that either last a year or last half a season and then get cancelled and you’re still finding your footing and everyone is figuring things out. This was just so easy. You kind of go in and do your scene and you go home. It just runs like clockwork.

You started acting at a young age. Which movie or TV show do you find you’re most recognized for?

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: It’s interesting. I’m still kind of, and happily so, in the phase where people aren’t sure if they went to school with me or if I’m a long lost cousin or if it’s something from a TV show or a movie. But I would say ‘Grosse Pointe‘ which is a TV show that I did like ten years ago which was my favorite job that I ever, people still remember that. ‘Bring it On‘ is a big thing that I still get stopped for.

I would’ve guessed ‘Sabrina The Teenaged Witch’.

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: That, too, but it’s funny, that I get stopped for it when I travel more. It’s less in Los Angeles, but whenever I’m traveling somewhere else, even I was in Rome and I heard people say, ‘Sabrina. Sabrina.’

Is the emphasis your career has had in comedy intentional or that something just happened naturally?

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: I’m pretty picky about what I do just because this business is so hard and if you’re going to put yourself out there to audition for something or if you’re going to leave your home for three months, you want it to be something that you really love.

I think the things that I’ve mostly been drawn to have been comedic, but to me acting is acting. I find drama to be a lot more challenging than comedy I think because I’ve been doing comedy all my life. It just comes a little easier, but I’m open to anything. Work is work and I will happily take it all.

I think most actors would say that comedy is more difficult. Maybe you’ve mastered at this point and they need to catch up to you.

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: That’s sweet. I think you’re just born with certain rhythms. It could just be because my first jobs in this business from when I was really young were comedy. I was surrounded by that. I did ‘The Wonder Years’ which was a dramedy, but that was one of my first real jobs and being on set with Daniel Stern and Fred Savage, people that are funny, you just start to pick up on actor’s rhythms.

Actors that I’ve admired my whole life like Diane Keaton and Woody Allen and Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, you just start to understand. It’s like a song and you start to hear the notes in comedy. In drama, to me, it’s just getting in there and baring your soul. Sometimes that a little bit harder to dig so deep down. It’s certainly more draining for me than comedy.

Are there any genres for which you would say: “no way in hell”?

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: No. I think there are genres that other people might think, like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know if this girl is interested in that genre,’ but I’m open to any of it. I’d love to do a western, but I don’t know if people necessarily look at me and think, ‘Oh, yeah, lets put that girl in chaps and get her on a horse.’ It could happen.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you can talk about?

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: Yeah. I’m in ‘Horrible Bosses‘ which is out now. Then I have a movie coming out on September 2nd called ‘A Good Old Fashioned Orgy‘ which I’m really excited by. It’s so funny. We shot this movie three years ago and it’s taken a while to get to the place where it’s finally getting released and we’re just all so excited because it was the experience of a lifetime. All the actors fell madly in love with each other and we think that it’s genuinely a funny, funny movie and we can’t wait for people to finally see it.

Also, if you could guest star on any TV show that you want, which one would it be?

Lindsay Sloane: Lindsay Sloane: Wow. Well, I would’ve said ‘Friday Night Lights‘, but it’s over which breaks my heart. I don’t know. I think ‘Parenthood‘ right now. I’m really in love with that show and I feel like it’s the perfect mix of comedy and drama and every episode makes me cry. Those actors are all so talented that I’d love to be a part of it.