Exclusive Interview: ALPHAS’ Warren Christie Talks Stunts, Cast Chemistry and Zombies

Alphas Warren Christie as Cameron Hicks

After talking to the lovely Azita Ghanizada about Alphas, Daemon’s TV was delightfully surprised to also get the chance to talk to Warren Christie, the resident “hyperkinetic” on the Alphas team who could realistically harpoon a fly with a toothpick thanks to his extreme ability at controlling his body movements.

Warren had a lot to say about what folks can expect from the premiere episode (which our writer Dynamaria loved in her review “ALPHAS “Pilot” Advance Review“), what kind of stunts come with the character ability and how much he wants to be a zombie…but a nice one though.

Check out what he had to share below and don’t forget to tune to watch the pilot episode of Alphas tonight Monday, July 11 at 10/9c.

‘Alphas’ is premiering soon. Are you excited?

Warren Christie: Yeah. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that it’s going to be premiering in four or five days because we’ve been so in it working hard, but I’m really excited. I’m excited for people to see it and I hope they give it a chance because I think we’re putting some cool on TV.

Can you talk about your character.?

Warren Christie: I play Cameron Hicks. When we met him in the pilot, and again I’m always trying to be careful not to give too much away, but he’s kind of drawn into this group. He’s a guy who’s a bit of a loner and has had a rough go with it. He’s divorced. His son doesn’t really want to see him. He’s a recovering alcoholic and he’s kind of isolated himself. Then an incident, we’ll just leave it at that, draws him into this group of Alphas who are led by Dr. Rosen.

What attracted you to the role in the first place?

Warren Christie: I just thought that there was so much going on with this guy. He’s definitely nobody’s hero. He’s reluctant. It’s an interesting twist on it, too, to see someone who has this ability that when we think about it and talk about it, people always say, ‘Oh, my gosh, I’d given anything to have that. That would be in the greatest thing in the world,’ but this guy has really considered it much more of a curse rather than a gift. It’s caused him problems in the past.

Cameron’s is hyperkinetic which involves perfect balance and enhanced motor skills. Does that mean you get to do a lot of stunts since your character does a lot of that?

Warren Christie: I do, yeah, and that’s another thing that attracted me to the role. First and foremost it was the character and the depth of what he had going on and the excitement of the script and then there was a physical element to the stunts and whatnot. I hadn’t really done too much of that. A little bit, but not too much of that before, and that really attracted me to it. I thought that it would be a lot of fun.

It’s not just the fact that there’s these stunts, a lot of running and different things like that, but it’s the nature of what happens and the beauty of it is that because Cameron when he first comes into the group doesn’t really understand his abilities or know what it is or even recognize it. Because of that each week as he works with Dr. Rosen, it’s growing and it’s enhancing and he’s learning how to control it, but it’s also spreading off into other different areas and he’s really trying to learn how to control it. So that means each week that he can do a little bit more and can help a little bit more and exciting and fun. So, it’s been a lot of fun for that side of it.

Alphas Warren Christie

Do you get to do all of your stunts or just some of them?

Warren Christie: No, no. I do not everything. I do as much as I can and then I’ve had a couple of incredible stuntmen that have come in. Right now my buddy Stefan is doing it and he’s a guy who does a lot of parkour which fits perfectly into what Cameron does. He can jump off of a building basically. He can do flips over people’s back. He can do these different things, and so I try to do as much as I can, but when it comes to back flips off walls that’s kind of where I like to draw the line. I’ll try anything once, but lets be realistic. It’s not going to work.

You mentioned your character’s tumultuous background. Will all those elements come into play in future episodes as well?

Warren Christie: Yeah, to a certain extent. They’re always on the periphery. They’re always a part of his life. There’s something that’s the makeup of who he is when he comes to work everyday and he’s doing different things. We don’t necessarily have it where every episode I’m delving into this, that and the other thing, but it’s always something that’s hanging over him to a certain extent. Then certain aspects of it will come out and things have to be dealt with.

When it comes to these characters and their abilities there’s always a drawback because the physical prowess that he’s been gifted has caused him a lot of psychological problems and obviously that’s part of the reason why he’s a recovering alcoholic, why he’s lost his wife. He was a former minor league pitcher, a former Army sniper because of these enhanced abilities, but when he was needed the most he was called upon and he’d usually crash and burn, which is another reason why I think he’s so interesting and reluctant to be a part of this team. I think he craves it a little bit. I think he’s tired of being so isolated, but at the same time history has told him that it’s going to end up poorly.

And you have an interesting cast on the show as well. Can you talk about the chemistry with the cast?

Warren Christie: Yeah, it’s such an interesting thing because, not just the characters, but the people themselves, I think we’re all very different ourselves, as you would think, to a certain extent. Much like our characters we all work together everyday and we laugh a lot which is really important. It’s a fun show. There are some heavy moments, don’t get me wrong, but like I said, it’s a fun show to shoot and I think hopefully that translates into a fun show to watch.

We have a lot of fun and everyone is basically on the same wavelength. We just want to get out the best possible show. So, yeah, we work hard and we work some extremely long hours and there’s a lot of stuff going on and we’re juggling a lot of that, but you won’t hear anyone complain because we do enjoy each other’s company. Everyone is very funny and we have an incredible crew, too. They work really hard and we’ve had great directors come in. It’s been a really fortunate vibe because I’ve been on other shows where it’s not always like that. Most people will lie and tell you that it’s always like that, but it’s not. This is a really fun group, a special group, and luckily, much like our characters are, the actors themselves have become a tight knit little family. A dysfunctional family, but a family.

How many episodes have you shot so far?

Warren Christie: We are just starting on episode eight. So, it’s eight, nine, ten and eleven left to get.

What can viewers expect in the premiere and for the season as well?

Warren Christie: The pilot, I really like it. I’ve said before that I think pilots are tough. You have to introduce a handful of people, your series regulars, your guest stars, recurring and you have to set up what the show is about. I think our show is great. It’s directed by Jack Bender who I’m a big fan of. I’ve worked with him a couple of times. He gave us such an amazing template to work off. Like, he really set the gold standard with the pilot.

I think that as we go along and we start to get into these characters, get into their lives and the storylines that it gets better and better. I keep saying that I think the hope at the end of the day is that for an hour and a half we’re going to entertain the hell out of you and it’ll be a lot of fun, an interesting ride. It’s not just stunts. It’s about a lot of human characteristics and people dealing with things. There’s also the action element to it, and there’s a lot of funny moments that we found as well. I just hope that people can give it a shot because if they do they’re going to be pretty entertained.

Are you going to Comic-Con this year?

Warren Christie: I know that we definitely will have some representation there. Right now our schedules are so crazy that I think what’ll happen at the end of the day is that it will boil down to our schedule. Definitely we’ll have someone there.

The show will have been on the air for a couple of weeks at that point and hopefully people will have enjoyed it. So we can come out to chat with the fans about what’s coming up and really talk about the show in that form because I think it’s a really incredible forum for us. Realistically it’s just going to boil down to scheduling. There will definitely be some of us. There will be a contingent there, but at this point we’re not sure who.

Other than hyperkinesis, what other ability from the other cast members would you like to have?

Warren Christie: I’d probably take Nina’s, the ability to just look someone in the eye and say, ‘Do this,’ and have them do this. I think that would be pretty phenomenal. She can influence people and I think that’d be a pretty amazing thing. I can’t get people to do anything for me, and so I think it’d be a nice switch to my life.

I think that Azita said the same thing.

Warren Christie: Yeah. Laura [Mennell] really lucked with that one. The other thing about it that’s interesting, too, is that Laura is so gorgeous, who plays Nina, that I mean I think half the people would just do anything she asked anyway. I know I would. She wouldn’t really need any type of ability. If she asked you to do something chances are I’m going to do it.

Do you think your character will have a love interest in during the season?

Warren Christie: Well, I can’t give too much away, but people’s lives start to intertwine. Certain things happen and it’s not always necessarily love or a love interest, but certain things can happen along the way. We have so many incredible guest stars that are popping in out and as well and as we peel things open and we see more and more about these characters lives we’ll see people popping in and out.

So, when we first meet him he’s recently divorced and is in a pretty vulnerable spot. So, there’s always a chance. You never know. I can tell you that Ryan Cartwright and I don’t get together, I can tell you that much. Spoiler alert: Ryan Cartwright and I do not get together. [laughs]

Do you have any other upcoming projects? You just finished ‘This Means War’, right?

Warren Christie: Yeah, I did. I popped in on that at the end of last year which was a lot of fun. I played Reese Witherspoon’s ex-boyfriend and basically we keep running into each other in situations that are very awkward for her, like, I moved on and everything seems to be perfect and then we keep running into each other in these very funny situations. She was hilarious and a couple of little scenes with both her and Chris Pine as well. So, it was a lot of fun. Reese was a sweetheart and a lot of fun to work with.

If you could guest star on any other show on television, which one would it be?

Warren Christie: One of my new favorite shows of last year was ‘Walking Dead’. I thought that the show was very cool. I love what they were doing. Maybe I could go be a zombie. Just hangout and be a zombie. [laughs]

You wouldn’t last long

Warren Christie: Maybe like a nice lazy zombie. Everyone would be like, ‘He’s slow. He’s not going to hurt anybody. Just leave him alone,’ and then I could hang around for a couple of episodes and stretch it out. I’m sure nobody is going to be casting that role. [laughs}


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