EUREKA Season 4.5: Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Colin Ferguson Tease What’s Coming Next

salli richardson-whitfield colin ferguson eureka season 4.5
As you might already know, EUREKA returns tonight, July 11, at 8pm on Syfy, with all new episodes. But before we get to the new episode Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Allison) and Colin Ferguson (Carter) recently took some time to tease a few highlights of what’s coming in the new episodes.

– Even though it might seem like it, Carter’s not oblivious that there are still bumps and problems to come with him and Allison.

– “They found a way to put us together but not make it boring.” Salli Richardson-Whitfield about Allison and Carter’s relationship.

– The show picks up right where we left off. The big arc of the season is the Astraeus Project, with Eureka going into space.

– We will see more of Sarah and Andy’s relationship it in a substantial way. Colin Ferguson added: “They take their relationship forward in a profound way and we have to all make due as we live inside of her.”

– Zoe will be back a couple of times this season.

– At the end of the season, the series kicks into next year’s arc in a way you don’t expect.

– “My micro-managing in real life works very well for directing.” Salli Richardson-Whitfield on directing an episode of Eureka. She added “I’m hoping to do more and more of it. Directing on Eureka has to be one of the best training grounds that any director could have.”

– “We [the cast] get along better now than we ever have, that’s a really an odd thing to be, for our calendar of six years.” said Colin Ferguson.

– “We haven’t had a fight in six years of working together, and that’s not because I’m easy to work with, that’s because Salli’s amazing to work with.” Colin Ferguson about Salli Richardson-Whitfield.

– Some guest stars this season: Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Wallace Shawn, Dave Foley

– “I love our fans.” said Colin Ferguson.

Fun Fact: They are currently shooting episodes that will air in 2012, which made it hard for them to remember what happens in the episodes that will start airing this summer.
Here is what Salli Richardson-Whitfield has to say about the new 2012 season: “Everything is just getting so much better and you want everyone to know and see all this great stuff that’s coming.”

Don’t forget that Eureka returns tonight at 8pm on Syfy. You can read our advance review for tonight’s episode “Liftoff” here.

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