CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM “The Divorce” Season 8 Episode 1 – Larry David really does not like ring stains made by smoothies. In fact, it’s quite literally cause for divorce. In order to reach a settlement with Cheryl he finds himself the best attorney (required to be Jewish-except when it turns out he’s just really respectful of everyone’s religion and is actually Swedish- “A Swede!” Larry exclaims hysterically) so that the split be in his favour (he gets the house, she looks like a money grubber).

There were so many things to love about this episode. Usually, I don’t laugh out loud at this show. It’s more humorous than funny (if that makes any sense). But there were several absolutely brilliant scenes.

First of all if you set up an episode which is going to end with Larry David trying to crush a girl scout’s foot with his door as he’s mobbed by a gang of vicious, screaming, indignant girl scouts demanding he honor his contract and pay them for the cookies he ordered, you know you’ve struck gold. Everything was perfect: from the casting of the girls, to the end shot of David’s manic face, to the set up.

And oh boy, what a set up. Kaitlyn Dever (who was so brilliant on Justified) guest stars as a girl scout, the daughter of Larry’s friend, selling cookies. Analysing comedy in any way can often kill it (unless you’re Louis CK on his latest appearance on The Daily Show) and I have no idea what made this scene so funny: the absurdist situation? David’s completely off-kilter reaction-because it was so rational? Who cares? The sight of Larry David reading instructions on how to use a tampon through a bathroom door to a frustrated girl scout who just got her first period was laugh out loud brilliant.

Having the joke tie in with Larry on the floor after being punched, tampon in his nose staunching the blood, Cheryl standing over him explaining that his lawyer signed the house over to her, was just perfect.

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