IN PLAIN SIGHT “The Rolling Stones” Review

IN PLAIN SIGHT "The Rolling Stones" Season 4 Episode 9 (3)

IN PLAIN SIGHT “The Rolling Stones” Season 4 Episode 9 – In this episode Mary and Marshall get a 2fer when some bad guys confuse one brother for the other and both end up in WITSEC. Being protective of Mary, Marshall decides to give her the “easy one” who of course turns out to be anything but.

Meanwhile, the cat is out of the bag and now Mary’s mom and sister finally know about her condition. But when she mentions the word “adoption”, they of course have a problem with it and little sister Brandi goes so far as to ask Mary if she can adopt the baby. It sounds nice as a romantic notion but when Mary points out the actual logistics, suddenly it didn’t sound half as good. I know I’m in the minority but I am still on board with her giving the baby up. Maybe it’s because I know someone who did that and it worked out great for everyone involved. Also, I just can’t picture Mary being the Mary we all know and love if she has a baby at home. But I am also perfectly happy to be proven wrong and can’t say that I’d be disappointed at all if she kept it.

My favorite bits……

“Patience, Grasshopper.”
“Suck it, Sensei.”

Mary offering to get Marshall a paper bag to breathe into when he saw that one of their guys had done work for Disney.

“Just because my boobs are so big that Dolly Parton could sue for silhouette infringement, doesn’t mean that I’m this delicate flower, some porcelain doll.”

Mary losing her argument the moment that she got the text reminding her that she had an ultrasound appointment.

Marshall having to correct Billy’s spelling in his confession letter.

Being so very glad that both Stan and Marshall agreed to bite about the “pug tattoo.”

“So you defaced your brother’s….under carriage?”

The warring interviews between Billy and George.

Stan throwing George over to meet the cute girl with the dog.

I had a feeling as soon as she walked in the door that Brandi was going to ask to adopt Mary’s baby.

Wow, seeing how much Mary hates dogs, I guess it’s not much of a stretch that she wouldn’t be a fan of babies.

“Enter the prodigal bonehead.”

OMG is Billy really *that* stupid?

George calling his brother “Girlfriend kryptonite.”

Mary confusing “martial arts” with “mariachi.”

Billy begging his brother to stay. Aw, that was kinda sweet.

I know it was just a fake sleeve, but those tats on Marshal looked kinda hot and also kinda wrong. I think sleeves are a bit much for him, but something smaller? Oh yeah I could see that.

“Let’s just say I went through the proper channels.”
“Gross. Let’s just say I hope you used protection.”

Mary pointing out that Brandi’s big house was irrelevant because she was having one baby, not a litter of puppies.

Marshall predictably going all Papa Bear on Mary and telling her to behave herself if things went south.

Marshall not only using the carousel as a mode of transportation to get to the bad guys but also using it as a way to launch himself on said bad guys. That was awesome.

Mary calling Marshall “Narc.”

“Ah, the sign of a healthy compromise – everyone’s pissed.”

Marshall grilling George about “Cars Land.” He’s such a dork…..and I love him for it.

Finding out that Stan apparently has a fear of ceiling fans.

“For two days I sweated through sweat pants, which is harder than it sounds.”

Mary forcing Marshall to eat the hot dog and Marshall forcing Mary to take the dog.

Mary looking at her ultrasound pictures. Aw.

What did you think of this episode of In Plain Sight? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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