EUREKA “Liftoff” Advance Review

EUREKA Liftoff Advance Review

EUREKA “Liftoff” Season 4, Episode 11 – At the end of Eureka’s first half of the season, Carter and company were able to prevent Beverly Barlowe from using the bridge device to change Eureka’s past. While Barlowe was able to escape, she had already set her sights on a new plan to change Eureka. Meanwhile, the rest of the time travelers agreed that they needed to be more careful or else risk their secret getting out.

Tonight is the premiere of the summer half season of Eureka and things are really taking off. Fargo and Zane are caught up in an experiment that starts up unexpectedly and the rest of the Eureka group need to figure out a way to get them out safely. We also get to see how some of the blossoming relationships from the first few episodes of the season are progressing, and there are some very surprising revelations.

This episode is classic Eureka and is a great way to start off this part of the season. “Liftoff” builds on the solid stories from the first half while setting up the next few episodes really nicely. Kudos to Jaime Paglia and Bruce Miller for finding a nice way to connect one half of the season to the other. Neil Grayston does a nice job giving us a sense of why someone like Fargo could be the director of Global Dynamics. I also like how we get to see Jack and Allison struggle a little with how their new personal relationship affects their work relationship.

Be sure to watch “Liftoff”, Monday at 8 PM EDT, then come back here to let me know what you thought of the episode.

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