CBBC Commissions New Series

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CBBC has announced commissions for a few new series, including Jedward’s Tour Of Britain, two documentary series, My Life and Made By Me, and Vic Reeve’s Project, a unique guide to the world as seen through the eyes of comedian Vic Reeves.

You can find more information on each program below.

Made By Me

Made by Me (5×30 minute episodes) takes children on the trip of a lifetime across the world to meet the workers responsible for making the products they take for granted, such as trainers and jeans.

Made by London-based Watershed TV, the new series will follow five British teenagers to the Philippines and Indonesia where they will witness for themselves the conditions under which their beloved belongings are produced.

As well as visiting the factories where the products are made, the teenagers will also live alongside their host families to gain a real insight into what daily life is like for the people that work so hard to create the items that they normally wouldn’t think twice about the origin of.

The executive producer for Watershed TV will be Mark Rubens and Melissa Hardinge will be executive producer for CBBC.

My Life

Award-winning CBBC documentary series, My Life, returns in 2012 with four new commissions (4×30 minute episodes, plus two more still to be commissioned), each following extraordinary children with unique stories to tell.

From a child waiting to receive a life-saving kidney donation from his mum to a group of teenage boys in London setting up their own fruit and vegetable business, My Life tackles a different subject each week, providing an in-depth look into the contrasting lives of some exceptional young people living in the UK.

Commissioned from Lancashire and Middlesex-based production company, Sixth Sense Media, Sticks & Stones will follow Star, who has brittle bones. She has already had 38 breaks despite being just 13 years old. Star can’t go out in the playground with other children and has never had a night away from home. Walking up the stairs is a real struggle. Yet Star is about to face the challenge of her life: on the school trip to Paris, she’s determined to attempt to walk up the 700 steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower to raise money for the Brittle Bones Society. Will she make it?

Me, My Mum And Her Kidney, made by Nine Lives in Manchester, will follow the extraordinary journey of 15-year-old Rory and his mum. Rory is on dialysis and desperately needs a new kidney. His mum’s kidney is a perfect match. They are waiting for a date for the life changing operation. The timing is crucial and the CBBC cameras will be with them every step of the way.

The Home Grown Boys are growing veg out of a skip behind Kings Cross station and are determined to make it in business. This film, made by CTVC, will follow them over the summer as they pitch for commissions from local businesses and keep their fruit and veg – all grown organically – in tip-top condition. But these lads struggle with commitment and focus, they’ve never done a business plan or had to make a presentation to anyone before. Will they succeed?

Daniel is 7 years old. He has no hair. When his granddad died it all fell out. Kim is 13 and doesn’t know why hers is falling out. She wears a wig and dreads a windy day at school. Crowning Glory will follow them as they head off to a summer camp for children with alopecia and their friends. Made by Brighton-based Lambent Productions, the film tells the touching story of how these young people are coming to terms with their condition and looks at the prejudices they need to overcome every day.

The My Life programmes will be executive produced by Kez Margrie for CBBC.

Vic Reeves Project

Vic Reeves Project, a brand new comedy-meets-factual show (13×28 minute episodes) challenges children to stick on their thinking caps and join Vic Reeves and his team in the Think Pit – a secret location set deep underground.

Each week Vic and his highly skilled team will boldy explore questions asked by the CBBC audience: Could a dog ever really be Prime Minister? Do flying monkey soldiers exist? If you pick your nose will your head actually cave in?

No question is too silly or too strange as CBBC viewers discover their seemingly ridiculous questions unearth some truly weird and wonderful facts.

This show will be produced by the in-house CBBC team, led by series producer Rob Hyde.

Jedward’s Tour Of Britain

Jedward’s Tour Of Britain sees twins John and Edward Grimes, aka Jedward, turn tour-guides as they visit World Heritage Sites across the UK. The lively lads will be introduced to some of Britain’s most amazing destinations, from Hadrian’s Wall to the Jurassic Coast, and will have to learn as many facts and figures about the site as possible before being challenged to act as tour-guides to groups of visitors – visitors who will receive the surprise of their lives when they see who will be showing them around.

But will Jedward remember what they’ve been taught, or face a fearsome forfeit for forgetting?

The programme will be made by Initial Kids and the executive producer will be Christopher Pilkington. Melissa Hardinge will be the executive producer for CBBC.