A GIFTED MAN Brings Back Rachelle Lefevre as Doctor

Rachelle Lefevre - Off the Map Its Good

With Off the Map cancelled and The Crossing not picked up to series, the ever-popular Rachelle Lefevre has landed herself a role on CBS’ A GIFTED MAN. She will be a series regular on the show which centers on Dr. Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson), who is a brilliant surgeon but is socially aloof and generally a jerk. This changes when he starts seeing and talking to his dead ex-wife (Jennifer Ehle), which makes him question the meaning of life and his own actions.

According to TVLine.com, it seems that Lefevre’s character, Kate, is an afterthought and was not included in the original plot. Kate is a doctor who joins the neighborhood clinic that serves underprivileged families. Through the urging of his dead ex-wife, Michael ends up at the clinic and finds himself spending progressively more time there, instead of at his own private hospital. Julie Benz, Liam Aiken and Margo Martindale are also part of the cast.

This “spirited” medical-romance drama premieres Friday, September 23.

It will be interesting to see the direction that the series takes. I’d also like to see Lefevre (and the show that she is in) stick around for a change. What is your opinion of Lefevre and her new role?