WILFRED “Fear” Review

WILFRED (FX) Fear Episode 3

WILFRED “Fear” Season 1 Episode 3 – On WILFRED this week, Spencer (the crazy next door neighbor) confronts Ryan with the wallet that Wilfred left under his window. At first, this completely freaks Ryan out, especially when Spencer threatens to pretty much kill him. However, Ryan handles it in “his own way” despite Wildfred’s constant suggestions of um… dominance. Ryan’s plan works, but turns out that Spencer is way creepier than either Ryan or Wilfred imagined.

He barges into Ryan’s life complete with porn and beer (um… I’m not a dude, but are you SUPPOSED to make watching porn a group activity? I thought that was something that was saved for private moments), and to stop Wilfred from completely blowing his story to smithereens, Ryan ends up at a strip club with him. Things happen along the way, and Ryan and Spencer run into Ryan’s OLD best friend. Spencer at some point in their friendship had torn off his ear (it looked GNARLY), but they make up, and everything is fine.

Sort of.

Ryan and Wilfred return to Ryan’s house to find the two guys sitting on his couch, watching even more porn, so Ryan does what every sane person would do. He admits to Spencer that he broke into his house. Things don’t end well, Ryan ends up losing a tooth, but Wilfred knocks out Spencer, so I guess they’re even.

I laughed HARD at several moments of Wilfred this week. I think it was a combination of the writing as well as the story line of the episode itself. The moments when Wilfred was chasing the red laser dot from Spencer’s laser pointer had me in tears. Jason Gann some how makes it possible to have a human dressed up as a dog not seem completely stupid and ridiculous. Instead, he manages to make it (semi) believable that this entire story line COULD be played on in the head of crazy person.

If you’re not watching Wilfred yet, you should be. In fact, start now.