The Torchwood Team
Recently, John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Alexa Havins, and Executive Producer/Creator/Showrunner Russell T. Davies took some time to talk about Torchwood‘s new chapter, TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY, which premieres tonight, July 8, at 10pm on Starz.

Here are some of the exciting things they discussed [Spoiler Alert: Some plot points from the show are discussed so read at your own risk]:

– The idea of Miracle Day was an idea that had been in Russell T. Davies’ head for decades.

– Captain Jack Harkness has come back from his travels, we don’t know what he’s done or where he went. He has come back to keep the Torchwood name below the radar and keep Gwen safe.

– Jack Harkness will find himself mortal when everyone else is becoming immortal. John Barrowman explained that up until that point he hadn’t come to terms with his immorality, but that now he realizes he likes being an immortal.

– In terms of discovering his mortality, Barrowman also explained that there is fear because Jack has never experienced it before. In addition, there is also a question of how he handles the situation now because he has always put himself in harm’s way to save people. But now all of a sudden he can’t do that anymore.

– “You shouldn’t assume anyone is safe, you know how much I love killing people off.” Russell T. Davies on Jack being the Face of Boe and safe from death.

– We will learn more about Jack and Gwen.

– Gwen is living in isolation cut off from the world. She is living with her baby and husband Rhys in Wales overlooking the sea.

– Jack has been keeping Gwen safe, she thought it was the isolation keeping her safe, but we find out it was Jack.

– Alexa Havins mentioned that there is a parallel between her character, Esther and Gwen from season 1, she is introducing the new audience to Torchwood this time, whereas it was Gwen asking the same questions in Season 1.

– Alexa Havins’ character Esther is longing to be with Rex (Mekhi Phifer) and to be in the field. There is a tango of professional and romance.

– “Jack is so easy to slip back on, it’s like his coat, it’s such a part of me that it come very naturally.” explained John Barroman when asked how hard it was to play Captain Jack Harkness again.

– “She doesn’t stop kicking ass in the entire series.” Eve Myles said of Gwen.

– “We just finished editing episode 10 and it’s magnificent.” said Russell T. Davies about the finale.

– Russell T. Davies promised that the last episode (including a few episodes before that) will answer all your questions. He doesn’t like shows that demand you to come back to find out what happens. And so next year will start from scratch.

– “The guy is a genius and the most gracious gentleman you’re ever going to meet.” Eve Myles about Bill Pullman.

– Russell T. Davies would consider making Torchwood into a film.

– Any chance of a crossover with Doctor Who is probably less likely according to Russell T. Davies because they are two separate production teams now. “It would be difficult, but not impossible.” However expect lots of references since they do live in the same world.

– “Frankly who needs that Doctor and his bow tie.” joked Russell T. Davies

Fun Fact: Alexa Havins’ husband pretty much told her “I will divorce you if you don’t take this job” (he’s a Torchwood fan).

Don’t miss the premiere of Torchwood: Miracle Day tonight, June 8, at 10pm Starz.

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