TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY “The New World” Advance Review

Torchwood Miracle Day Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper

TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY “The New World” Season 4 Episode 1 – Only a few hours until Torchwood returns to our screens with its latest series TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY.

Imagine a day when nobody dies, that’s the very intriguing premise of Miracle Day. But this new series comes with some apprehension from fans of the show because it has been (for lack of a better word) “Americanized” with Starz now co-producing the series along with BBC Cymru Wales and BBC Worldwide. In addition, the series also takes place in America and introduces some new American characters.

Now as a huge fan of Torchwood, I was among the worried people that bringing the show to America would not be a good thing. British series have a very different feel from American series and so the question is, is Torchwood‘s quality affected by this?

Well since I have seen the first episode, I will answer to this very question and also give you some additional my thoughts on the episode.

Is the quality affected?

Unfortunately, if I am being honest I would have to say yes. After watching the first episode I felt a bit letdown from my high expectations and I felt like this wasn’t the Torchwood that I had come to love.

BUT then after I took some time to think about it, my feelings brightened up a bit and here’s what I realized:

Torchwood is back, that means Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) and Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) will be back on my television for 10 weeks. How could that be bad?

– I have only seen one episode and while it didn’t start as strong as Torchwood: Children of Earth, let’s just remember Children of the Earth only had five episodes, whereas Miracle Day has 10.

– Plus the lovely Tiffany Vogt (@TVwatchtower), who has seen episode 2 and 3, told me that it would get better and also that number 2 was really good. And so that gives me a lot of hope and even got me excited for episode 2. Unfortunately, since I haven’t seen the next two episodes, I cannot confirm nor deny whether it gets better, but let’s just cross our fingers and hope Tiffany is right.

– Because my expectations were so high I didn’t allow the time for the series to develop, I wanted to be blown away within five minutes, which is unfair for any new show..

– Actually, the episode is good! It sets up a great mystery (which creator Russell T. Davies said would be answered by the end of the season… for real). And once again we delve into a controversial subject and the show asks pertinent questions about life and death. And isn’t that what we love about Torchwood?

– The last 15 minutes of the episode were pretty damn great with an amazing action sequence involving a helicopter, baby earmuffs (see picture above) and a bazooka.

– I trust Russell T. Davies to once again bring us a fantastic new Torchwood series.

What can we expect from the premiere?

In the premiere episode, we soon find out that people have stopped dying, but nobody understands what happened. Of course, in a way only Torchwood could pull off, we soon realize that being immortal is not as exciting as it sounds.

We also meet some new characters including CIA analyst, Esther Drummond (Alexa Havins), who starts digging about what Torchwood is and has an encounter with Jack Harkness, and CIA agent Rex Matheson (Mekhi Phifer), who finds himself involved in the mystery in a very unfortunate way.

In addition, we meet the very creepy, child molestor Oswald Jones (played by the brilliant Bill Pullman) on death row as his sentence is about to be carried out. Unfortunately, as you know people have stopped dying, so he evades his fate, which leads to some interesting consequences. I am personally really looking forward to finding out how this story will develop.

Of course Gwen and Rhys are still together but living in isolation. I don’t want to give too much away about their situation, but let’s just say that if you loved Gwen before, you’re only going to keep on loving her.

Jack is back! But that’s all I’ll say about that because I don’t want to spoil anything about his storyline.

And finally, as I mentioned above there is a great action sequence towards the end of the episode you won’t want to miss.

New To Torchwood?

If you are new to Torchwood I have two things to ask you:

– Give the series a shot. It’s worth it!
– If you haven’t seen the series before, you can dive right in with Torchwood: Miracle Day. You see, the beauty about this new series is that any information you need to know about the characters and what Torchwood is will be explained thanks to the addition of characters like Esther Drummond, who is as new to this universe as you are and will ask all the pertinent questions so you can be up to date.

Plus the fact that Torchwood has some of the most original storylines out there should also help convince you to tune in.

Don’t forget that Torchwood: Miracle Day premieres tonight, July 8, at 10pm on Starz.

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