ROOKIE BLUE “Bad Moon Rising” Review

ROOKIE BLUE “Bad Moon Rising” Season 2 Episode 3 – A madman is roaming the streets of whichever Canadian city Rookie Blue is set, severing heads and shooting cops and thanks to an unfortunate tussle with McNally, he’s put her-and worse her family-in danger.

Oh yes, McNally’s family. Gone are the hours when Andy bemoaned her deadbeat ex-cop of a father. Wasted is the opportunity with Swarek. Now she’s with the charming, handsome blonde haired blue eyed Callaghan. And by with I mean engaged. After waking up suspecting a disturbance in her house, McNally goes for the gun case and finds the diamond Callaghan had bought for-well, not quite her, but he intended to give it to her anyways. So an impromptu proposal at gunpoint (not really but almost) announces that Andy will soon be wedded.

There were a number of things I loved about this: first of all it was a straight upfront surprise-the writers didn’t even hint that McNally and Callaghan were anywhere close to an engagement. And this was reflected in the reactions of their comrades-specifically Traci’s wonderfully unsure hug and the hugely amusing, well-written scene between McNally and Swarek as he tries to suss out why on earth they would get engaged so fast. The writers are not falling back on the lesser plotting which hindered Grey’s Anatomy: they’re avoiding having everyone sleep together like horny teens at band camp, and instead delving into relationships which ring truer: did Callaghan really intend to propose to Andy? He says he did, but is that just to warn off his ex, is he just saying it to comfort himself? Is he just doing it because he thinks it’s the right thing? Is it easier to say yes than no? It’s an intriguing layer inserted into a very good episode of the show.

Not in the least because Callaghan is shot at the end of the episode. He was shot in the stomach (how great is it that he was shot in the middle of the episode, and not in the last few seconds as is the cliché) which means that next week we may have to endure a teary hour of melodrama as he fights for his life…but we’ll see.

Meanwhile Gail takes on Epstein as supervising officer after no one will have him. Their dynamic was very funny as Gail tugs Epstein back from his hero-complex impulses. His impulses help catch a killer and in the end she gives him a big hug, though it was quite convenient that the killer quite literally stumbled onto the street after the cop car so the moment was not “earned” in the same way that Andy’s emotional panic upon finding Callaghan shot in her home was. (Kudos to the zip-bag/dish cloth first aid treatment. I love when shows get the small details right…that being said, let’s not even touch the crazy guy’s scientific reasoning for killing people for a brain implant.)

This was easily the best Rookie Blue of the second season, possibly one of the best episodes its ever done. The stakes were high, emotions were laid bare, the comedy/drama balance was just about right and there was some serious character development and nuances added. I really enjoyed it.

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