CHILDRENS HOSPITAL “The 70s Episode” Review

Childrens Hospital

CHILDRENS HOSPITAL “The 70s Episode” Season 3, Episode 6 – After a reference to the 70s era of Childrens Hospital last season, we finally get to see a complete, long lost episode that was “produced on January 14,1976” and “taped in front of a live studio audience” but never aired because the network deemed the episode “objectionable.”

As if their ridiculous hair, wide collared shirts, vintage looking set and bright yellow title font didn’t already make it clear that the episode was shot in the 70s, the episode opened with a barrage of topical subjects and phrases ranging from “the energy crisis” to “baseball mustache.”

I liked the brief moment with Dr. Childrens in the hospital introducing Chief as the senior Childrens Hospital Candy Striper. I was totally not expecting the revelation that she was 100% Choctaw Indian and that is the reason everyone at Childrens Hospital calls her “Chief.” She’s obviously come a long way since her Candy Striper days in the 70s.

Without a doubt, my favorite part of the night’s episode came courtesy of an awkwardly long pause from Lola after she was told that her next surgical patient had cancelled his appointment because she was a female doctor. The music became emotional, the shot continually got tighter and closed in on Lola’s strained face. It seemed like her disgruntled silence would never end when she suddenly blurted out “what a dick” with this brilliant disgusted look on her face. It was impossible for me to not laugh out loud.

The scene in the operating room where the staff mimicked a number of old board game commercials included an obvious but overdue Operation game spoof that was well done. After the death of their patient, it all wraped up like I imagine many unseen Childrens Hospital episodes probably end – with an orgy in the locker room.

When the set up of the entire episode is already one giant gag, there’s no need to spend too much time on the story lines. That’s not to say that there were no discernible plot lines in this episode (there was the story of Lola being the new female doctor, Glenn returning from saving and eating babies in Vietnam and, of course, the Hot Dog shortage of 1976) but the humor was largely derived from references to the 70’s which means if you weren’t able to pick up on all the references, you were probably missing out on half of this episode’s really great jokes.