SUPERNATURAL Thursdays: Mokibobolink’s 7 Favorite Winchester Brother Moments

Superntural - Best Winchester Brother Moments

Man, talk about a tough subject to cover. I mean seriously, there have got to be hundreds of great moments of brotherly love on this. The whole reason we all love Supernatural is because of the relationship between Sam and Dean and their (literally) undying love for each other.

But though this was a monumental task, I did manage to narrow down the list to just those brotherly moments that really touched my heart, made me laugh, or overall filled me with feelings of joy in the world.

I always start out trying to do these articles by listing out only five things, but for some reason I’ve been ending up with seven a lot recently. So here they are, my 7 favorite Winchester brother moments:

Little Dean saves Baby Sam from the fire

Supernatural - Pilot - little Dean saves baby Sam

This is the moment where it all began, at least for us as an audience. It was the first time that little Dean had baby Sam’s life in his hands and he took his job very seriously. With John trying to save his wife, futile though that would turn out to be, he orders his oldest son to take his youngest out of the house. With the words: “Take your brother outside as fast as you can, don’t look back. Now Dean! Go!”, Dean Winchester was put on a path that would define his life for a very long time.

Dean teaches Sam to fix the Impala

 Supernatural Fresh Blood - Sam fixes the Impala

In Season 3’s ‘Fresh Blood’, Sam tells Dean that he’s sick and tired of the act he’s putting on and asks him to go back to being his brother..just ’cause. After that they have their hands full dealing with a vamped-out Gordon but when all is said and done, Dean apparently takes his brother’s words to heart. Handing him a socket wrench, the older Winchester teaches his baby brother to take care of the car that will some day be his. Cue the waterworks.

The boys share Dean’s “last” Christmas

A Very Supernatural Christmas

From the skin mags and motor oil presents, to the super-strong egg-nog, nothing says the holidays like Sam and Dean sharing what they are sure is Dean’s last Christmas on earth. It was great from the “Merry Christmas, bro” from Dean that we all know was code for “I love you man”, to the very final moments as the camera slowly panned back and we saw the two of them enjoy the football game. For a couple minutes there it was almost like they were a normal family spending a normal holiday together.

The boys get into a full-on wresting match

Supernatural - Tall Tales - Sam and Dean fight

See? Not all of my favorite moments are ones that make me wanna cry. Part of what I love about the Winchesters is the fact that underneath the insanity that defines their lives, they are still family. To quote Dean, who summed it up nicely in ‘Yellow Fever’: “We hunt ghosts! What the hell??” – these guys don’t exactly live a normal life, but behind all the hunts for monsters and various trips to hell, they are brothers; and brothers sometimes fight. It’s not the first time we had seen the boys go after each other and it wouldn’t be the last, but it was probably the funniest.

Any time they hug

Supernatural - Like A Virgin - Sam and Dean hug

Ah, there’s nothing like it. Usually following a death and/or a trip to hell (man, that happens a lot on this show), a Winchester brother hug is something that makes me sigh with happiness The first couple times, the hugs were one sided – Dean crushing Sam after resurrecting his little brother (who has no clue that he was just dead), and Sam crushing Dean after being put back to that fateful Wednesday before Dean died “for real” and he went six months without his big brother (who again has no clue what has just happened). Though there have been a couple one-sided hugs, nothing beats a full-on mutual Winchester brother hug. Seeing one makes the world feel right again, though I’m glad we don’t see them all that frequently. The fact that the boys don’t engage in chick flick moments too often means that they are that much sweeter when they do happen.

Sam and Dean sing ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’

Supernatural - Dean singing Wanted Dead or Alive

Dean’s bill is coming due fast and in an effort to show his little brother that he’s not afraid, he leads Sam in an awful rendition of the 80’s smash. Sam is reluctant at first but when the elder Winchester points out that Bon Jovi does in fact rock on occasion, he joins in enthusiastically. The most heartbreaking part of this scene comes after Sammy starts rocking out. It’s then that we see Dean’s true feelings peek out from under the mask for a second, as he stares forward though the Impala’s windshield.

Any time they die in each other’s arms

Superntural - Sam and Dean die

Now on most other TV shows, using the phrase “died in his arms” would only happen once when talking about any one particular character. But Supernatural does its best to be different and one of the ways it does that is by killing off its main characters. A lot. As hard as it is too watch, each time it happens we do get to see a crack in the macho façade that the boys usually wear and it’s then that they really show how much they love each other (even if they don’t ever actually say the words).


So what do you think, Supernatural fans? Are these some of your favorite brotherly moments from the Winchesters, too? Got any favorite brotherly moments of your own? Drop a comment and let me know!

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