SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (2011) “2 of 14 Voted Off” Review

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (2011) “2 of 14 Voted Off” Season 8 Episode 13 – Time for another elimination. Two more dancers will be sent home tonight. Let’s talk about it.

Group Performance

Group performance – Top 14
Song: “Kata Kata” from Raavan (Soundtrack)
Choreographer: Nakul Dev Mahajan
Thoughts: Some of those movements were insane! You have to be in such great shape to achieve them, it was pretty impressive.

Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet Performance – Contemporary ballet?! I didn’t even know that existed, but wow, it was fantastic.

Florence + The Machine “Cosmic Love” Performance – I love Florence + The Machine! No need to say more, you saw how great the performance was.

Bottom three couples: Ashley & Chris, Jordan & Tadd, Ryan & Ricky (Boo! Ryan and Ricky were my favorite performance last night!)


Song: “Lovely” by John West featuring Pusha T
Thoughts: I guess it was ok, but I don’t know, there was something missing for me.

Song: “Scars” by Basement Jaxx featuring Kelis, Meleka & Chipmunk
Thoughts: I literally went “woa” at my TV and had to watch the solo again (I never watch solos again), that’s how good this was.

Song: “Commander” by Kelly Rowland featuring David Guetta
Thoughts: That was pretty impressive, but again something was missing for me.

Song: “1-2-3 (Remix)” by Gloria Estefan
Thoughts: Lots of personality and a great performance. Really loved it.

Song: “Adagio For Strings” by Brno Philharmonic Orchestra
Thoughts: Yes, yes, yes! Now that was great. It had passion and was just beautiful.

Song: “When You Say My Name” by Mario Spinetti
Thoughts: It had beautiful moments, but not my favorite.

Who’s going home? It’s another couple!! Ashley and Chris

I agree with the judges that Chris hasn’t been as strong as needed during the routines, but he did have the best solo of the night. Although I understand that it’s not enough. I do think it’s kind of crazy that another couple is leaving tonight. So far there hasn’t been any new pairings, I don’t remember this happening in previous seasons for so long. Weird.

Anyway, what did you think of tonight’s elimination? Are happy with the judges’ decision to send Ashley and Chris home?

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