ROYAL PAINS “But There’s a Catch” Review

ROYAL PAINS (USA) "But There's a Catch" Season 3 Episode 2

ROYAL PAINS “But There’s a Catch” Season 3 Episode 2 – In this episode, Divya is struggling to deal with her new status as (as Evan so eloquently put it) a homeless orphaned girl out of a Dickens novel, who also dresses in Dolce and Gabbana. She’s trying to ignore what’s going on but with the help of Evan, and a nice old gardener, she realizes that she needs to talk about it. Funny thing is, by getting Divya to open up about her problems, Evan also had to take a look at his own issues with his dad.

Meanwhile Hank strikes up an old rivalry with a high school team mate and sees that part of his trouble with the guy may be jealousy. Similar to Evan, when Hank sits down and actually talks to his friend, he realizes that maybe he doesn’t have it so bad. After all, his dad might be in jail but at least he’s still alive.

So there was lots of family stuff going on in this episode which was great and all, but I have to admit that a part of me was mostly just happy to see Hank running around playing football. What? He looks good in shorts.

My favorite bits..

Hank signaling like crazy to not let Paige be their publicist.

The boys agreeing not to argue…and then going right on with their argument. Brothers. Gotta love’em.

Hank figuring out “KDB.”

Keller challenging Hank to play football. Oh this I cannot wait to see.

Divya ordering Evan to touch with his eyes. Ha! I love that.

Hank jumping up and down like a little boy when they started the training drills.

Jill giving Jennings a hard time for messing up her Fantasy Football league and then calling him a benchwarmer. LOL.

Trying really hard to concentrate on Divya and her patient but having a really hard time, thanks to Evan playing with his scissors in the background.

“Cut it out..or I will use them for their *intended* purpose.” – okay I have no clue what those things are for, but I doubt Evan would enjoy it.

As someone who had a much worse break in the same place in the same arm.yeah, that scene was so not fun to watch.

“But you’re an over-accessorized emotion volcano, waiting to erupt.”

Divya leaving in a huff not working half as well when she had to go upstairs.

“My father never missed an opportunity to miss a game.” – ugh, that line killed me.

Boudoir pics? Oh dear.

Divya admitting that she didn’t understand any of her father’s reasons for not talking to her.

Watching Hank play football.

Evan cheering Hank on from the sidelines…in that ridiculous hat.

Divya may have had a point about Evan’s problems with his own family, but that was a little harsh.

Hank spotting that something was wrong with Keller’s arm in the middle of a fight. Just proves that he’s always a doctor.

Evan pulling out his…rectal scissors? That’s what those are??

Diva admitting to Evan that she was sad about her parents.

“You’re gonna start cashing your checks now, aren’t you?” “I’m afraid so.” “Now I’m sad.”

Uh oh..Paige has something medical she doesn’t want Evan to know? it too obvious to be thinking baby thoughts right now?

LOL! I so knew Hank was talking out of his ass when he claimed that he wasn’t at all sore from playing football. Nice try though Hank, nice try.

Hank and Evan giving Divya the Range Rover. Awesome.

Evan finding yet another use for his (no, I’m not using that word again) scissors.

Hank warning Evan not to run with his scissors. LOL.

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!
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