MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE “Hold Your Finish” Advance Review

MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE "Hold Your Finish"

This week I am 100% Team Joe. Everything he does this week is right on target and I am incredibly proud of what he accomplished (which may not be what you think it is). How is that for a complete turn around? I have been down on Joe for the past couple of episodes, asking for just a little bit of growth. This week, I think I got it. Joe finally turns 50, finally tries out for the Senior Tournament, and finally finds himself a bit. I loved it.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Terry. Although he thinks he has found himself and a new path, not everyone else sees it that way. As Owen astutely reminds him, he likes things uncomfortable so when things get comfortable, he finds ways to mess them up. Whether Owen is correct in this instance remains to be seen, but you have to admit that Terry has a pattern. Look how far he has come – he is settling down and moving in with Erin and he is one of the most successful salesmen at Owen’s dealership. Anyone else would be proud and content.

Owen’s fate rests in the hands of someone you would least expect. Despite all of his efforts to save the dealership, there is at least one person that cannot see it. Remember the commercial they intended to film that said “out with the old and in with the new?” At least one of the actors was not listening. What would Owen be without the dealership? Could he find a second career like Joe or Terry (well maybe like Terry depending on what he chooses to do)?

Tonight’s epsiode of Men of a Certain Age is a careful blend of luck, circumstance and preserverance. I walked away from this episode thinking that just maybe the guys will find their way and end up happy, or at least mostly content. Isn’t that really all they are looking for?

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