MELISSA & JOEY “Don’t Train On Me” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "Don't Train on My Parade"

MELISSA & JOEY “Don’t Train on Me” Season 1 Episode 14 – This week’s episode of MELISSA & JOEY, although called “Don’t Train on Me” is more along the lines of “Don’t Tread on Me” when Joe finds out that Mel’s new trainer, Lindsey, is really just using him for great (take note Mel) sex and does not feel the connection that he imagined they had. Poor Joe. He just does not seem like the type that can do casual that well. I think the first clue that this was a casual relationship was the sex on the floor of Mel’s garage without so much of a kind word to each other. Perhaps not the best foundation upon which to build a relationship. It is because of this that I think, even though I am not sure I want Melissa and Joe to end up together, the writers are doing a good job of building the foundation should they decide to go that route.

A side plot involved Lennox missing the geeky kid that followed her around and crushed on her now that he had a girlfriend. Of course while attempting to be his friend, she could not stop thinking about how right they were for each other. That all changed when he so nonchalantly and quite eagerly offered to dump his girlfriend if Lennox would start a relationship with him. Typical teen angst including the almost instanteous regret when she pushed him out the door. Personally, I did not find this storyline all that enthralling or even remotely interesting. As this is really a comedy, I will also say that it wasn’t all that funny either.

What was funny to me were the following:

Joe wondering out loud whether Mel was working out or giving birth to an armchair.

Lindsey telling Mel that she will not make her into Joe, meaning “the shape of a real person. Not an action figure.”

That Joe’s arms kind of do look like Popeye’s.

Joe’s Popeye impersonation.

“Didn’t know we were playing rock, scissors, paper, girlfriend, trainer.”

Mel screaming “Those are not acceptable stretching exercises” when seeing Joe and Lindsay on the garage floor.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Melissa & Joey? Do you think the writers are pushing for a Melissa and Joey hook up? Does anyone care about Lennox or Ryder’s storylines? Tell me down below!

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